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May 26, 2008 11:41 AM

Flapjacks in LA

Hello everyone. I'm looking for flapjacks. Specifically flapjacks, those thinner, chewier pancakes. The ones I used to get in Chicago were served with butter, powdered sugar, lemon, and syrup. I have not found any truly terrific pancakes here yet, and certainly no real flapjacks. If anyone has some suggestions, I'd appreciate it very much. Especially if the restaurant is around the Valley.


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  1. I think Musso and Franks on Hollywood Blvd does a thin flapjack. There's also a place called Elmers (if you get out to Palm Springs) that does a great german style, very thin pancke with dollop of ligonberry butter on top. I'm not sure if they have any other locations in so cal. Delicious.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check those out. I ended up, for an immediate fix, whipping something up which was more than passable. I used bread flour and some extra eggs, brown sugar, etc... they ended up basically like swedish pancakes. Added butter, lemon, and powdered sugar. Bam. Good stuff.
      Thanks again gordita.

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        Musso & Frank's call those thin pancakes flannel cakes, and they are thin enough to resemble crepes. They are a popular item on their classic menu.

      2. Sorry. I'm used to English flapjacks, whic are a totally different kind of thing-more like a granola bar.

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          And do you have any ideas where I could find those? My wife fell in love with those when we were in London last month. I've got some recipes to make them on my own -- they aren't hard to make -- but I'd like an alternative if I find myself in a pinch.

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            Never seen them over here unless my Brit family, or another brit family, made them. Very few English bakeries I know of.

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              I'd check w/ the Tudor House! That's where me and my brit fam head for the goods, even if we ask them to import mix, or make them special...

        2. The Original Pancake House has locations around Southern California but none in the SFV. They have a delicious pancake very much like the one you describe called the 49'er Flapjack. If your Chicago version was at an OPH location in the northern suburbs (the Walker Bros. small subchain), then you got the primo item. However, they don't serve it (normally) "with butter, powdered sugar, lemon, and syrup" -- those are the condiments for the Dutch Baby pancake, an (also delicious) oven-baked concoction. The 49'ers usually come with butter and syrup only.

          Sorry, DIana, no biscuits at OPH that I'm aware of.

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          1. re: Mel Gee

            Agreed, for those large, thinner, chewier pancakes go to the Original Pancake House (several locations in Chicago also). When near Pasadena go to Pie'n Burger for the same style of pancake.

            Original Pancake House (49er Flap Jacks)
            18453 Yorba Linda Boulevard
            Yorba Linda, California 92686
            (714) 693-1390

            Original Pancake House (49er Flap Jacks)
            1756 South Pacific Coast Hwy.
            Redondo Beach, California 90277
            (310) 543-9875

            Original Pancake House (49er Flap Jacks)
            1418 East Lincoln Avenue
            Anaheim, California 92805
            (714) 535-9815

            Pie 'n Burger (Called "Hot Cakes")
            913 E. California Blvd.
            Pasadena, CA 91106
            (626) 795-1123

          2. Musso and Frank's or a plane ticket to Ann Sather's on Belmont in Chi Town!


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              For me, the great item at Ann Sather's was not pancakes but the Friday-lunch whole poached salmon covered in home-made mayonnaise, decorated with salmon caviar and perched on a small table at the front of the (old Clark St.) restaurant. There is no rumor to the truth that I once ate most if not all of one of them salmons!

            2. Strangely enough Hamburger Hamlet has always made the "thinner" style pancakes for their Sunday brunch, (at least the one on Sepulveda near National does). I wonder if the one on Van Nuys does the same type?