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May 26, 2008 11:19 AM

Glatt Kosher Kingdom

On Rockaway Turnpike, close to Costco, where Duane Reade was located, was a sign on the building "Glatt Kosher Kingdom". Does anyone know when they will open?

Also considering its proximity to Brachs, what will be their selling point to woo people over to them? Will they compete on price? variety? gourmet (high price clientele)?

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  1. the "owners" told my wife it's going to be more on the gourmet end

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    1. Any updates as to when they will open?

      1. Its not scheduled to open for a while, a few months I think...

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          There was an article in the Jewish Star a few weeks ago that gave an opening date of mid-August. There seems to be activity there so who knows?

        2. I saw the article in the Jewish Star (unfortunately, they don't have archives on their site). The owner, Mr. Haziza of Lawrence, said they would have everything under one roof and excellent customer service. The owners of Gourmet Glatt were quoted in the article wishing him well, while Brach's and Supersol declined to comment. I say the more the merrier, I hope it will force the other supermarkets in the neighborhood to maintain ever higher standards in price (meaning lower, actually), selection, quality and customer service.

          1. I had been informed that the Met Fresh supermarket in Brooklyn is being taken over by a Kosher Kingdom within the next month or so.
            The address is 1630 East 15th street near Kings Highway. Unfortunately the Met Fresh store did very poorly and was in the red from what I heard.

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              Will this be the same owner(s) as the new Kosher Kingdom that's due to open shortly in the Five Towns? Are there any other Kosher Kingdoms already existing or down the 'pike?

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                I went to the MetFresh store when it has first opened- it was sooo expensive. They advertised as having a lot of kosher items (which they didn't) and being cost effective. (which they weren't)

                My mother in law went to the new store that opened, Kosher Kingdom and said it was just ok. According to her, nothing that you couldn't get elsewhere for the same price. I noticed they advertise free parking- but it's with a $50 purchase and it's only good for an hour.