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Glatt Kosher Kingdom

On Rockaway Turnpike, close to Costco, where Duane Reade was located, was a sign on the building "Glatt Kosher Kingdom". Does anyone know when they will open?

Also considering its proximity to Brachs, what will be their selling point to woo people over to them? Will they compete on price? variety? gourmet (high price clientele)?

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  1. the "owners" told my wife it's going to be more on the gourmet end

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    1. Any updates as to when they will open?

      1. Its not scheduled to open for a while, a few months I think...

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          There was an article in the Jewish Star a few weeks ago that gave an opening date of mid-August. There seems to be activity there so who knows?

        2. I saw the article in the Jewish Star (unfortunately, they don't have archives on their site). The owner, Mr. Haziza of Lawrence, said they would have everything under one roof and excellent customer service. The owners of Gourmet Glatt were quoted in the article wishing him well, while Brach's and Supersol declined to comment. I say the more the merrier, I hope it will force the other supermarkets in the neighborhood to maintain ever higher standards in price (meaning lower, actually), selection, quality and customer service.

          1. I had been informed that the Met Fresh supermarket in Brooklyn is being taken over by a Kosher Kingdom within the next month or so.
            The address is 1630 East 15th street near Kings Highway. Unfortunately the Met Fresh store did very poorly and was in the red from what I heard.

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              Will this be the same owner(s) as the new Kosher Kingdom that's due to open shortly in the Five Towns? Are there any other Kosher Kingdoms already existing or down the 'pike?

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                I went to the MetFresh store when it has first opened- it was sooo expensive. They advertised as having a lot of kosher items (which they didn't) and being cost effective. (which they weren't)

                My mother in law went to the new store that opened, Kosher Kingdom and said it was just ok. According to her, nothing that you couldn't get elsewhere for the same price. I noticed they advertise free parking- but it's with a $50 purchase and it's only good for an hour.

              2. I just called and they told me they are opening tomorrow (november 18)

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                  Thanks for the heads up! Keep us posted on your impressions, specials, etc...

                  I will try to visit them. I am extreemly well stocked, but am very curious if their openning will offer me another shopping choice to Brachs or just another Gourmet Glatt (expensive) style option that will at the least help offer some relief to the very crowded situation that currently exists at Brachs and Gourmet Glatt. They are very well positioned close to Costco and the free parking should be a big plus. The more choices the better!

                  The first thing I will look for is their price for a chicken special. Brachs has it for $8.99 for 1 chicken + 1 side. Gourmet Glatt charges the same $8.99 but does not include the side (a $4 option).

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                    Best value is Traditions which has 2 bbq (or fried) chickens w/3 sides for $20.

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                      It's interesting that Marty B perceives that Gourmet Glatt is a more expensive option than Brach's; I don't have that impression at all. We shop at both all of the time (in fact, the *only* markets we regularly shop at are Brach's, Gourmet Glatt, Trader Joe's, and BJ's wholesale club (for organic butter, organic olive oil, and Eggland's Best eggs).

                      I've found Gourmet Glatt to be much less expensive than Brach's on certain items, such as the marked-down Zomick's bakery products (that are always well within the "sell by" date), cheese specials, 1/2-price sushi (each evening around an hour before the store closes), the unbelievable 99-cent honey bear price that lasted for many weeks, and, of course, the coupons for a percentage off of the total bill (I've NEVER seen a Brach's coupon).

                      Both Brach's and Gourmet Glatt have super close-out specials as well as fantastic weekly specials; as usual, it pays to shop the sales... but I've consistently found Gourmet Glatt to have the same prices or lower prices, overall (the prices at the Chop-a-nosh and Ossie's counters are ridicuously high, though).

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                        I do go to Gourmet Glatt for their specials, mostly in their dairy section, same for Supersol (meat & chicken), but for general shopping - like fruits, vegetables, takeout, to name a few, I find Brachs in general cheaper. Meats and bakery I don't buy from either.

                        With increased competition I find myself store hopping more and more. I hope that "thefivetowns.com" will carry Glatt Kosher Kingdom’s circular since that is lately how I shop. I take note what specials are around and start by doing my general shopping at Brachs then go to the other stores picking up the specials, but only if they are significant - especially Gourmet Glatt since you have to feed the meter. Since lately I go to Costco, Glatt Kosher Kingdom will be an easy stop off for me.

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                          Gourmet Glatt get's better marks on it's meat dept, while the produce section at Brachs is superior

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                            who's been so far? and whats inside?
                            its already 9:15 am

                            1. re: shinbet

                              I wonder of Marty was camped out there all night on his lawn chair


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                                Just called them up. Yes they are open, in fact the person on the phone said that they are opened 24 hours!!!! I wonder if that applies to all departments. I now have a place to go if I get the late night munchies.

                                Brilliant stroke to start with the 24 hour. Something to distinguish themselves from the other stores. I am looking forward to going there tonight.

                                I got the number from their web site http://glattkosherkingdom.com/

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                                  I WENT!!! This morning. It is VERY nice. They weren't 100% set up yet, but it looked very nice. There were counters in several parts of the store where I guess pizza, sushi, takeout will go. There was only a tiny bit of meat in the meat section... was still empty. The produce had no prices posted on them yet. Groceries were a really great selection,a nd prices seemed reasonable (I bought Dreamfield's pasta for 2.09. ) A lot of israeli products as well as imports from other countries. The candy aisle was impressive. The staff was really really trying. (I think i was the only customer in the store and every aisle had eager staff posted in it.

                                  Of course there is much yet to see. like will it become a mess once a lot of shoppers get in there? Will their meat and takeout sections be good? Will they run specials.

                                  1. re: eatgood

                                    great 24 hours!

                                    brings back memories if those 1am dates I had with the Mrs at Big Banana

                                    1. re: berel

                                      Sigh. I really miss Big Banana. I think this could be fun. You never know when you crave Healthy Delite kugels.

                                      1. re: eatgood

                                        Big Banana - memories. I used to buy my chickens from them, frozen Empire for good prices. Most of all I loved those late nite hours.

                                        Should be interesting just what section will be open 24 hours. Pizza at 3am? Why not?

                                  2. re: MartyB

                                    LAKEWOOD COMES TO THE FIVE TOWNS.

                                    The above headline refers to the Jewish Lakewood FM radio station that's playing over the speakers while shoppers stroll through the somewhat crowded aisles (look out if a shopper is coming the other way down the aisle). I'm sure the radio station must be received via the Internet. The selection of Jewish music was peppy, but I wonder what happens in the store when talk programs come on.

                                    As I strolled into the Glatt Kosher Kingdom this morning for the very first time. I was kind of dissapointed to not find the meat department called the "Animal Kingdom," the produce department the "Vegetable Kingdom," the spice area the "Mineral Kingdom," the floral department the "Plant Kingdom," the fresh fish department "Neptune's Kingdom," etc.

                                    Upon entering the bright store, maneuvering a store-branded fire-engine-red shopping cart (aka "wagon"), I was greeted by a few employees who welcomed me (in a language that somewhat resembled English) and asked if I wanted to fill out a form for a "Store Card." I said sure, and received a low-tech piece of paper and a pen to use. I inquired as to the store hours, and an employee said something like, "...um, 7 to 11... or 9... or, uh... no, I'm SURE that it's 9 or 11... but we open at 7." Whew... it took me a while to decipher that answer... ultimately I gave up.

                                    There were many customers of all Jewish stripes checking out the new store, and I was able to immediatelly do a mitzvah: I noticed 3 varieties of completely non-kosher Dole (tm) packaged salads (with non-kosher croutons and parmesan cheese, no less); after running down a few aisles trying to avoid startled shoppers, I (almost literally) ran into the mashgiach, Rabbi Eisen from the Va'ad of the Five Towns; he was casually strolling through the Kingdom with a store manager, and after I blurted out my unsavory discovery, the three of us sped back to the produce aisle. R' Eisen ordered that all of the non-kosher product be removed from the shelf immediatelly, and I was duly thanked for my attention to detail. (Hey, mistakes happen.)

                                    In just about any other area of the country, I'd be ecstatic about this new medium-sized tidy grocer; however, being in close proximity to Brach's, Gourmet Glatt, Super Sol, and Kosher World, I really don't understand the "why" of this place. Given all of the well-established competition, I was underwhelmed by both the selection and prices. I couldn't find any specials, and the general prices seemed consistently higher than both Gourmet Glatt and Brach's (I'm not as familiar with Super Sol or Kosher World).

                                    The very few items that I noticed that didn't look familiar didn't especially appeal to me: Manazhewitz Borsht - in ALL HEBREW packaging (including the Manazhewitz logo) with no English whatsoever on the label, a tiny 99-cent can of an Israeli product that looked like Spam, all in Hebrew, the only English being on a sticker that proclaimed "Vegetable spread-liver flavored." The main ingredient was - get this - "Hydrogenated coconut oil." Of course I had to buy it (though we normally avoid hydrogenated oils - let alone hydrogenated coconut oil that is solid at room temperature without the need for hydrogenation - like the plague). It tasted worse than foul. Then there was the spelt kishka; interesting concept... until I discovered some other than healtful ingredients listed on the panel.

                                    At one point I overheard a customer asking a worker where blintzes were located... the worker had never heard of blintzes. [And this is New York?]

                                    As for the prices: 15 oz cans of Pepito pizza sauce that are 99 cents at Gourmet Glatt were around 1 1/2 times that price at the Kingdom. Lots of items that are perpertually on sale are Brach's or Gourmet Glatt appeared to be much more expensive at the Kingdom.; however, the sushi was around $5.00 per small package, which seems to be the going rate. The Amnon's pizza that's been $9.99 for quite a while at Gourmet Glatt was around $11.99 at the Kingdom. Come to think of it, I can't recall one item that was priced lower than any of the existing kosher markets, and the selection/variety just didn't seem as wide or as deep as either Gourmet Glatt or Brach's.

                                    The fresh beef looked good but the prices were no ganga (metzia). The cheeses were no great shakes either; in fact, the "Golan" brand seemed to be highlighted. [If I ever had a package of Golan cheese not turn green on me well ahead of the "sell by" date, I can't remember when, and neither can anyone else in our extended family; we've long ago stopped using that brand, no matter how alluring the price may be.]

                                    The bakery wasn't set-up yet, and I can't imagine where a pizza counter would go as every inch of the tight space already appears to be in use.

                                    On the upsaide, *everyone* in the store seemed to be trying REALLY hard to be nice, courteous, helpful, and that's great. I noticed that it was very tight when trying to make a hard right turn out of the check-out counter to get the shopping cart out to the parking lot, as multiple boxes of products were piled on each other and took up much needed space in the front of the store where people are supposed to push their carts. (Hopefully this will change, but Brach's continues to have tons of unsightly boxes all over the store, something I don't see at Gourmet Glatt, and certainly not at Trader Joe's.

                                    My favorite part of the Kingdom was the free parking, but neither the store nor the parking lot seemed nearly as large as Brach's, just a couple of short blocks away. My impression is that this store is a smaller and somewhat less upscale imitation of Gourmet Glatt (sans parking meters!). I do wish the owners well; it's apparent that quite an investment was made, jobs were created for the community, and additional competition is always a good thing for the kosher consumer.

                                    Given the location, proximity to JFK, and the number of similar kosher markets that already exist, I would have tried a very different business model. I would have built on Gourmet Glatt's concept of having small stores within a store - but have them more like a food court (I assume that both meat and dairy could be done, just as Brach's has its meat take-out counter steps away from its dairy "Appy" counter and its new dairy pretzel shoppe). I'd offer a variety of food to go (salads, sandwiches, pizza, Chinese, Mexican), and advertise that it could be delivered to JFK... and have the technology in place to support people ordering from their smart devices or cell phones. I'd sell groceries as well (around 1/2 or 1/3 or the store), but the focus would be on grab 'n' go food, complete mini-meals, and fast food counters with attractive eating areas that don't require tips for service. (Think the kosher food court in the "Canyon" mall in Yerushalayim.) I believe that that would really differentiate the establishment from all of the other kosher markets that we have already come to patronize.

                                    My 2 cents, anyway.

                                    Happy shopping!

                                    1. re: midasgold

                                      I was there today and was not very impressed by anything.

                                      For starters their meaat display was mostly empty. Either there is a meat shortage bec of the agri plant or they did not put out the meat yet.

                                      What bothered me most was that many f the items in the store did not have prices on them or on the shelves. how are we supposed to know how much things cost if they are not marked?

                                      The bakery counter did not seem to be open yet either.

                                      I am sure these things will be open and fixed shortly but why open the store if it is not ready fro business yet? C'mon. No prices displayed on many items? no meat selection? I think they would of been better to wait a few more days and open when every thing is actually ready for business.

                                      The aisles seemed to be very narrow and i cant imagine that two carts can comfortably squeeze by each other. As mentioned in a different post there were employees in almost every aisle asking if i needed assistance. this is a nice gesture and they mean well but i found this very annoying. Most people can usually find what products they need and would ask if they need help. It was annoying to be asked if I needed help in every aisle i walked down.

                                      I did not see anything that appeared to be considerably cheaper then brachs or gourmet and did see things that were noticably more expensive. Just one example: Kedem 64 oz grape juice has cost $3.99 at brachs and GG for as long as i can remember. It cost over $5.50 at glatt kosher kingdom, about 40% more expensive. QAmnons Pizza has been $9.99 at GG for over a month now and is $11.99 herem 20% more expensive. 2 liter soda bottles have been 4 for $5.00 at brachs for a few weeks and were $1.49 here. the price of their diapers was exorbatant, much more then expected at a kosher supermarket.

                                      I am sure that each of the major kosher stores in the area will have their "blowout" deals that the other stores dont but i was not at all impressed with the size of the store, their prices (when it was even displayed), or their selection.

                                      A store worker overheard me telling a different customer that i didnt think their prices were good. he introduced himself as a former gourmet glatt employee who was hired to work here to make sure that they stock the items that people want at similar prices to the other stores. he told me its impossible that they are more expensive than GG since he used to work there and his job was to make sure the prices are competitive. he was so confident they were cheaper that he asked me to name one item that was more expensive here. I listed 4 items that were priced higher then brachs or GG and he said he would let the manager know. hopefully they will realize that since their store is not as big as others and that they dont offer the huge selection that others do that they need to at least compete with their prices.

                                      There are many things which the store will learn and change as they get feedback from customers just like any business does. I will definitely give them another shot in a week or two but my 1st impression of this store was nothing special.

                                      1. re: midasgold

                                        Nice review. I went there tonight, as far as I am concerned the jury is still out. They are still assembling the bakery section and the deli section was bare except for some packages of kugels and some turkey. Pizza was prices at $12.99/pie don't know what it will be per slice. Meats looked nice, no price surprises here.

                                        I did walk away with some items, 10lb yellow onions $2.99 (Brachs wanted $1.89 for a 3 lb bag). I bought a mess load of tissue boxes @$.50/box of 160 count.

                                        I think when the dust settles, Brachs will still be the price king. I will probably go to Glatt Kosher Kingdom for odds and ends and late night runs. Gourmet Glatt is still king as far as selection. How much Kingdom draws away from Gourmet Glatt and Supersol time will tell.

                                        Since my shopping on Friday begins with Costco, for them to entrap me on the way to Brachs they will have to offer an inexpensive chicken special, and some sales on fruits and vegetables. When I shop for fruits, for example, I don't go with the thought of buying specific fruits, I only buy fruits that are on sale with special emphasis on fruits under or as close to $1/lb. Stores like Supesol have none, and a lot of times Gourmet Glatt have slim pickings. Brachs, wisely, always manages to have something on sale, be it one variety of apples or pears. Same thing with vegetables, if, for example, tomatoes are unreasonable, well then I won't buy it that week. Fruit and vegetables prices vary so wildly, that sometimes I think that there is a roulette wheel in the back that someone spins once a week to set prices.

                                        1. re: MartyB

                                          So I chose day two, to visit Glatt Kosher Kingdom
                                          I’ll be brief, and I may not be as seasoned a shopper as some people on this board.
                                          But nobody can give the exact low down on every single product in the store, unless we bring Brach’s Supersol, Gourmet Glatt, Glatt Kosher kingdom and Kosherworld on to this board.
                                          Everybody gives a price run down based on their shopping experience, be it a family with young children, older couple, family with grown children, Cholov Yisroel specific shoppers etc..
                                          So here’s my take, based on a brief 20 minute run through the store with a small purchase, followed by a longer run to Gourmet Glatt and shabbos shopping. Why? Because there’s a $10 off $100, in “The List” which I just so happened to pick up in GKK (Glatt Kosher Kingdom)
                                          Vegetables – I think prices were pretty reasonable, quality looked good. Plum Tomatoes (for the earlier poster) were about 1.69 lb, GG was asking 1.99. Lately I find the Plum T’s so fly infested in GG, and I struggle to find 5-6 solid ones to buy.
                                          Meat- there were no specials here, from a quick look at cutlets, and a basic piece of meat (side steak) Cutlets were 4.99 family pack (small sized family!!)
                                          Groceries – ok, I cant mention everything, but to the earlier poster who complained about the Kedem Grape juice – its now 3.99 (special), so quick acting on their part.
                                          There were quite a few Kellogg cereals on sale too.
                                          Vintage Seltzer case (12) 5.99 – that’s a very good deal.
                                          Dairy – Cholov Yisroel milk is 2.49 ( or thereabouts) compared to 3.19 in GG. Ricotta Cheese (cholov yisroel) morning select 16oz, was 3.99. GG’s has it for 4.99 (even the non Cholov Y brand is just a little cheaper than that in GG at about 3.69)
                                          Givat Yoghurts (cholov Yisroel) – 69 cents, this is a great non sale price for a cholov yisroel yoghurt. Brooklyn Kolel store (KRM) sells this for 75 cents.
                                          Freezer – Pizza bagels no specials, and no good prices on this one. A & B fish log, 6.99. GG has this one at 6.99 too but always as a “special” lets see if GKK does a special on this one ever!
                                          Bakery – ok, this is not about price, this is about quality and what’s on offer.
                                          Libbys bake shop (formerly of (de)central(ized) avenue , now almost completely a high street of nail salons, banks and Shaitel stores) has moved into GKK. I did not check his prices, but from his store days, I’ve known him to be competitive and extremely high quality. I don’t want to get into a five towns war, but he’s way better than some of the stuff out here.
                                          Verdict – I was not there for long, and I didn’t scan every single item, but from what I saw I think they have made a steady, but quiet entry into the market, not trying too woo everyone with blowout sales they would not be able to keep up with in the long term.
                                          With a pizza store and take out still to come, I would watch this space.

                                          1. re: smartshopper

                                            other than the pizza , I see little reason to shop there. the store Much smaller than Brachs or Gourmet Glatt. There meat dept did not impress mea at all

                                            1. re: berel

                                              Not sure what happened to the other thread,......

                                              I stopped in again to give it another shot and was disappointed that they didn't have many "staples" that I was looking for (soy milk and Puff pastry).

                                              They were pushing the special of spend $50 and get a turkey for 1.99 a lb. Def. a good deal.

                                              Sushi was decent as well.

                                            2. re: shinbet

                                              Their cholov yisrael milk at $2.49 matches Brach's price, although GKK sells New Square and Brach's sells Golden Flow (I've had more problems with New Square going sour than with GF). GKK has A&B sugar-free gefilte fish for 6.99, which is GG's price only for the sweet variety (the sugar-free is something like $7.69 at GG).

                                              I was in Sunday morning and the meat case was pretty empty. I glanced at the chicken (cut-up for $1.99) and an employee asked me if I was looking for something particular which he could bring out.

                                            3. re: MartyB

                                              On the theme of wild prices. Brachs was charging $.99/lb for yellow Holland peppers, while Gourmet Glatt was charging $3.99/lb for the same yellow Holland peppers - go figure!

                                              1. re: MartyB

                                                New week and a new spin of the roulette wheel, yellow peppers now up to $2.99/lb at Brachs.

                                                My daughter went to Gourmet Glatt to buy grapefuits that were on sale, a nice 10/$2. She wnted to buy more cucumber salad since my youngest daughest polished off the one we brought from Brachs last night. Gourmet Glatt wanted an astronomical $7/lb! Are they nuts, for cucumbers? For that money I can buy rib steaks from Pik-N-Pay. Brachs wanted $4/lb for cucumber salad.

                                                I would appreciate it if some kind Chowhounder would let us know when Glatt Kosher Kingdom begins to sell bbq or fried chickens and what their prices are. Hopefully they will have some sort of special that includes sides, since as you can see, sides by itself is very expensive.

                                                1. re: MartyB

                                                  Holland peppers are never $0.99/lb anywhere. Even in Brach's they are $2.99 a lb. on sale. If you saw it for less, it was probably a typo.

                                                  1. re: websterhall1994

                                                    100% not true. Last week (11/16-21) Brachs was selling and I bought from them a whole bag full of yellow Holland peppers for $.99/lb. No typo here.

                                                    1. re: MartyB

                                                      Then I stand (type) corrected. but, wow, I have NEVER seen a price that low before- was it only yellow or orange too?

                                            4. re: midasgold

                                              Your vision is perfect for what they need..They also need a big reorganization so the store is more managilbe so that the flow of people are in and out..

                                              1. re: foodart101

                                                Glatt Kosher Kingdom closed up a couple of months ago. I saw them hauling away the freezers and fridges so I don't expect another supermarket to reopen there.

                              2. I have not been there since they opened. Are all sections open? How is the deli department - selection, taste, price? What about the bakery section, same question. Any other feedback would be appreciated.

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                                1. re: MartyB

                                  not sure about the deli dept. but the bakery is up and running. It was the place next door to Mauzone that moved in there.

                                  1. re: HungryJew

                                    Are they the ones that made the really chocolaty kokosh and high loaf water challas? If so then that is a nice plus, especially for a Friday shopping. I never cared for Brach's bakery section, challahs in particular.

                                    1. re: MartyB

                                      They are the ones with the high loaf challahs, but how can you not like Brachs challah? The Whole Wheat Pull-a-part is right up there with Zayde's

                                      1. re: HungryJew

                                        I only like water challahs, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Anything else is not challah to me.

                                        1. re: MartyB

                                          spoke to the boss, they are still waiting for one permit from health and safety before they open the takeout counter proper.

                                  2. re: MartyB

                                    was there Saturday night to pick up ingrediants to make chicken soup overnight, chicken bones and soup greens. One of the workers went to the back to get us 4 packages of soup bones,.

                                    the soup greens, forgetaboutit,. The "fresh" dill and parsley were anything but fresh , they must have been sitting out all week with out being sprayed with water. Couldn't make the chickem soup saturrday night as I had to go to Brachs sunday morning to get some good soup greens

                                    1. re: berel

                                      Glatt Kosher Kingdom is the best!!! I am hooked!

                                      1. re: Fraydie

                                        i picked up a pizza last night for dinner (12.99). I REALLY liked it!

                                  3. i'm still trying to find out if they advertise their specials?

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                                    1. re: bay1

                                      Yes, Bay1. This week's PENNYSAVER had a 2-page spread listing many Glatt Kosher Kingdom sale prices (including Amnon's frozen pizza for $7.99 per pie). The ad mentioned that there is 5% off of all NON-SALE items, when shopping on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - so I suggest you get yourself over to the Kingdom with enough time to reach the check-out line by 11:59 pm tonight!

                                      I believe there's also an ad in the Five Towns Jewish Times newspaper, and next week there's supposed to be an ad in THE LIST flyer.

                                      1. re: midasgold

                                        Don't forget about the $.99/lb for whole chicken (2 per family - how do they keep track of that?)

                                        I think I will stop buy tomorrow.

                                        1. re: MartyB

                                          Went tonight (sat ~8:30pm) quite a few people there. Rather long line for the pizza ($12.99 for an 18" pie). Smell drove me crazy since I am on Atkins mode.

                                          Prices seem reasonable, better than Supersol for sure, got some great deals. I came with my daughter and we each took two chickens @.99 cents a pound(!) (2per family so we went on seperate lines - I will deal with it next Yom Kippur). It was nice to see chickens for $3.50 vs $7+. I plan on going tomorrow as well. I picked up Tuscan milk @1.49, box of clementines for $4.99 as well as some other goddies.

                                          They were very friendly and helpfull. A nice addition to the other 5 towns shopping choices. I wish them well.

                                    2. Went last night (Sunday) and they did not have any chickens available for 99 cents/lb. Their chickens were $2.79/lb (way too high in my opinion), they said that tonight (Mon) at 10pm thew would have the $.99/lb chickens again. Money in the bank! That is what freezers are for. While I like the $.99/lb price I know it wont last and $2.79/lb is way too much - Supersol is selling chickens for $1.99/lb and Gourmet Glatt is selling theirs for $2.19/lb. I don't think that they need the reputation of being the most expensive place for a staple like chickens.

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                                      1. re: MartyB

                                        I think we need to put live cams, accesssible via the web, in all the meat depts around town

                                      2. The taster choice instant coffee 12oz for 9.99 was actually a good sale price.
                                        But I still can't seem to find everything in the store . For instance, I found the honeydews that were on sale but could not locate any canteloupes nearby.

                                        1. I saw that they were selling a "super family pack" of chicken breasts for $2.19/lb, not quite the $1.69 that Pik-N-Pay is charging, but not bad nevertheless.

                                          1. Went by today with two of my daughters, 6 chickens @$.99/lb, nice!

                                            They are now selling chicken specials. $8.99 w/2 sides AND a 2 litter bottle of Coke. Gourmet Glatt charges $8.99 for a chicken with no sides. As to the 2 sides, they are 2 one half pound sides so the special is really one chicken and a pound of sides for $8.99 - exactly what Brachs charges. Difference is that the Kingdom is throwing in a 2 litter bottle of soda. So it looks like Glatt Kosher Kingdom is king of the specials. Chicken did look smaller than the one that you get from Brachs however. Anyway, what matters is how it tastes. I chose the diet cole slaw and the diet cucumber salad since I can have those under Atkins. I will report back after shabbos as to how it compared with Brachs sine I will be picking up a special at Brachs as well. I usually buy two chicken specials. As a side note, Brachs sells a chicken special for $8.99 and a two chicken special, which is identical to 2 one chicken special for a penny more, $17.99, strange since they save on two plastic bags and one label. The world is ".99" and ".95" crazy.

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                                            1. re: MartyB

                                              Correction just looked at the chicken and my receipt. I paid $9.99 for the chicken special. I could have sworn that they had a sign for $8.99 so I either read it wrong or they overcharged me by $1. Anyway, if the Special is for $9.99 then their special is comparable to Brachs special since I usually buy Dr Brown's diet Black Cherry for $.99

                                              1. re: MartyB

                                                The Brachs chicken was bigger, and I liked Brachs diet cole slaw and diet cucmber salad better, much sweeter.

                                            2. Today at GKK, they were giving away a free package (6 pack? 8 pack?) of the Kool Aid drinks in plastic bottles.

                                              1. I visited this store this past Sunday night as I was returning to NJ where I reside. The fact that it is open late is a major plus. In addition, the size of the store surpasses anything we have in Teaneck, NJ. Yes, I know Brach's is large as well. Don't rub it in. Those of you in the 5 Towns and Far Rockaway are quite lucky to have a store like this. One example of customer service that I never see in other stores is that although the deli dep't was basically closed at 11:00 p.m., I asked if it was open, and they opened it to give me sliced turkey. As a former counter person in Chaap A Nosh in B'klyn back in the 1980s, I can tell you that cleaning a slicing machine is no fun. Not only did the owner slice the deli that I wanted but he also gave a a free barbecue chicken as thanks for my kind words about the store. As I said, you are very lucky to have a store where the owner tretas you with respect and it feels like he needs you more than you need him. Kol hakavod GKK.

                                                2 Replies
                                                1. re: Foodtekie

                                                  I Work in the 5 towns and pass the store twice a day on my way in from Queens. When they first opened they were very unorganized. As the few weeks have passed I have been back a few times and they have improved. They pizza counter has gotten better each time i have purchased. The 99cent pd chickens keep me coming back daily to stock up. The meat itseld seems pretty good but on the high side. The vegatables i have puchased have been very well priced and fresh. Tonight we purchased a chicken special which was very small and when we eat it for shabbos the verdit will be in. They started advertisinh heavily in alll the 5 towns papers which is great as that is how i show all the speacials weekly, Overall the takepit looks very shvach and not very tasty. The bakery products are very good and he sells 1.OO challah and rolls on sunday which is big plus. Brachs(beigels) used to do that and GG(zomicks) waits till tuesday. Zomicks has by far the best old stock redeuced price bakery in the 5 towns. Overall whats on special at GKK is good shopping. Unfortunately the store is small and very hard to manuever around and they run out of the specials very quickly as tonight they were out of the puff pastry,pizza bagels and raw chicken specials. As i told my wife if they continue to run good specials they will draw people in otherwise I dont see a whole lot of reason to shop there unless i need the 12.99 pizza.

                                                  1. re: MAHOSCH

                                                    You need to be really careful regarding prices when you shop at GKK. Just got back from there - I bought just a few items but was charged the wrong price on a bunch of them. When I told the cashier that I was charged the incorrect price she eventually (after much deliberation) charged me the correct price but it seemed that no effort was made to change the price in the computerized cash register system. Certainly makes the entire shopping experience more annoying than it needs to be.

                                                2. We were there on Jan. 1st, and I pretty much liked it. We bought the chickens for .99 per pound - they're small, but that's an amazing price! Also family packs of cutlets for 3.69 per pound (they're about 6 pounds), which is the best I've seen in awhile.

                                                  There were several other items we use that had good prices, such as Barilla sauces, Tropicana OJ. We also bought the challahs, which were OK, but not on the same par as Zomicks (we like egg challah).

                                                  As someone who doesn't live in 5Towns, but come there often, I like that it's so close to Costco, so I can get what I need in Costco and then head over here.

                                                  Did the area need another store? Not really, but competition is good for consumers. I wish all the stores good luck, especially in these rough times.

                                                  1. I noticed in this week's local circulars that Glatt Kosher Kingdom is no longer open 24 hours a day. Didn't really see how that was sustainable in the long-term. They are open until midnight Sat-Tues and 2am Wed and Thurs.

                                                    2 Replies
                                                    1. re: websterhall1994

                                                      I didn't plan to shop after 2am anyhow

                                                      1. re: berel

                                                        normal sunday hours are till 10pm
                                                        when i went, at around 8:45, the store was completely closed and shuttered.
                                                        is this the end?
                                                        eerily, i looked at the top of this thread, and its just one year old, almost to the day, since the sign went up!

                                                    2. Are they still open? TheFiveTowns.com web site has a stale ad (two weeks old) despite my sending then a request for them to update their ad; they are usually responsive to my prior ad update requests. This makes me suspicious. I will try to stop by tonight.

                                                      2 Replies
                                                      1. re: MartyB

                                                        I passed by on 878 last evening about 6pm, there were cars in the parking lot on the Kosher kingdom side. Couldn't see if they were open from where I was.

                                                        1. re: MartyB

                                                          TheFiveTowns.com has the new ad online, some decent prices, eggs $.89/doz, chicken 2 in a bag $1.79/lb (Supersol has same price too, why then is Brachs charging, as a special yet, family pack chicken bottoms for $2.79/lb?), one gallon milk $2.69 (not quite Costco, but not bad), whole watermelon $5.99

                                                        2. The End Is Near!

                                                          I went there today to do some shopping. When I got to the register the cashier said "I hope you have cash, we are no longer accepting credit cards".

                                                          Enough said!

                                                          20 Replies
                                                          1. re: MartyB

                                                            I was there on Monday at about 11 AM and they took my credit card. But I was the only person shopping there and they had barely bothered to put out any meat. With the diminshed hours, the comparatively small selection, the mostly unimpressive sales, and the generally high non-sale prices, I don't expect to go back. And it doesn't look like anyone else is bothering to, either. It's too bad - the neighborhood could have supported the store if it offered something different (along the lines of Pomegranate in Brooklyn) but instead GKK turned out to be a lousier version of everything we already have.

                                                            1. re: LI Guy

                                                              I was there today. As LI Guy said, there was very little meat out. Also, the pizza corner was closed as was the take-out. Noone was at the bakery (perhaps they are open on Fridays only?). Most non-perishables are 50% off, cash only. The paper goods, cleaning supplies and baby stuff, etc were 30% off. One would assume this is a sinking ship, but the owner told me they are planning on restocking. I guess only time will tell. Probably a very short time.

                                                              1. re: LI Guy

                                                                One thing I cannot figure out and would like to ask a person who shops at Supersol is "Why?". Compared to Brachs and Gourmet Glatt, Supersol has a smaller selection and higher prices, an unimpressive store.

                                                                1. re: MartyB


                                                                  two answers , they give credit and delivery

                                                                  1. re: berel

                                                                    LOYALTY , a steady stream of loyal customers will keep a business alive. Most stores in business today need some degree of loyalty from the community to survive. As I read this blog it is no wonder that KK could not survive, most of you are a bunch of VULTURES, CHERRY PICKING ONLY THE GIVE AWAY ITEMS FROM ONE STORE AND THEN GOING TO THE NEXT TO OUTSMART THEM AS WELL. Well what is the result, you put someone out of business and will continue to do the same to the remaining stores. Most of these stores have a hard time paying their bills believe it or not, sure they do alot of business but they need to profit to pay bills and stay afloat. before long you will all be shopping at Walmart and costco with the rest of the world and think back to the good old days when there were markets that catered just to you.

                                                                    1. re: mr meat

                                                                      I don't think most kosher shoppers go around "cherry picking". Perhaps poor management resulted in KK's demise

                                                                      1. re: berel

                                                                        It does exceedingly well in Miami, and I wish they would venture into the Chicago market (although it will never happen). It's certainly expensive, but you get value for the money. I just don't think that model can succeed in certain markets. And people unwilling to pay the price is an issue.

                                                                        1. re: ferret

                                                                          I don't think there was any connection btw the Kosher Kingdom in Lawrence that went under to the one in Aventura

                                                                      2. re: mr meat

                                                                        You'd be surprised- most shoppers don't go from store to store "cherry picking" items. But if one store does have consistently better sale prices- shoppers will go there. There's no reason to call kosher shoppers "vultures." Many non-kosher shoppers go from supermarket to supermarket looking for good deals or loss leaders.

                                                                        Kosher shoppers ARE looking for a good deal- kosher products are expensive and lots of us have large families or guests to feed. Speaking for myself, I will go to a store that has great sale prices- but I'll also pick up other items there. Several stores in Brooklyn have a minimum purchase to be able to purchase sale items at the cheaper price.

                                                                        1. re: mr meat

                                                                          KK's problem was that they did not really get off the ground. Where should its "loyal customers" come from? If one shopped at Brachs, for example, and then switches to KK then they violate your "loyal customer" argument from Brachs point of view. KK never really defined themselves to begin to build on a loyal customer base. It is not enough to simply open up and be kosher and immediately be rewarded with a certain percentage of the kosher consumers in the community. If you look at the totality of the kosher stores in the 5 towns, the community is quite loyal. I would assume that is why some of the major non-kosher chains closed here is because of the community's loyalty.

                                                                          As to cherry picking items. I think that most people have their preferred store that they shop but will buy some items from other stores when they have a sale. Isn't that one of the reasons why stores advertise? It is this shifting of customer base that helps keep prices under control. In my case I do 90+% of my shopping at Brachs but will keep an eye for some bargains - especially here where the stores are so near each other.

                                                                          1. re: MartyB

                                                                            The NON Kosher chains closed because they are in business to profit, they are unwilling to do several hundred thousands of dollars per week only to find they are at a break even or a loss. Supermarkets work on a gross profit of 40% or more,because this is what they need to profit to absorb the costs associated with doing business. The kosher markets in town once established have no choice but to hang in and work on embarassing returns once competition moves in on them. They have Multi million dollar investments in their establishment and develope a lifestyle that many have a hard time supporting once they reduce profits considerably to compete. It is very common in the kosher industry for wholesalers to have a hard time collecting money from even their highest volume customers. This is because the retailer is basically trading one dollar for 4 quarters to prevent being called a crook by those who have no clue as to not only the expense but also the pressure the shop keeper must endure to struggle to make a living.

                                                                            1. re: mr meat

                                                                              ok, you've convinced me. I'm going to shop around for higher prices from now on.

                                                                              1. re: berel

                                                                                When you shop for a doctor do you choose the clinic?

                                                                                1. re: mr meat

                                                                                  only if he's the highest priced doctor

                                                                                  1. re: berel

                                                                                    No, it should be only if he is the best doctor , as it should be for a retailer or a service it's not always about price, if you were on a job search and you felt you were better than the next guy, would you settle for his wage or insist on more

                                                                                2. re: berel

                                                                                  Heck, I'm going to go to markets and just leave cash. I wouldn't want to take anything in return.

                                                                                  Find me a business owner who isn't trying to make money. They are trading a good for money. It's how economics works. I don't ask them to treat me charitably and I hope they don't ask for anything in return except a good, reliable, trustworthy product at a fair price.

                                                                                3. re: mr meat

                                                                                  >Supermarkets work on a gross profit of 40% or more

                                                                                  Maybe that is why Costco does so well.

                                                                                  1. re: MartyB

                                                                                    Costco makes 100% of their profit on membership, their markup is only about 10% to cover their expenses. They have low over head, minimal product selection 3000 items compared to the supermarkets 10's of thousands,limited labor force, because of the buying power of a Costco and Walmart, the independents pay up to 100% plus more for the same exact items because they can not come close to purchasing the same volumn. If it were not for Costco and Walmart the manufactorers and Wholesalers would be selling the independents at competitive prices and in the long run the consumer would be able to shop like a person at the store of there choice, get great deals and keep the independents alive.

                                                                                    1. re: mr meat

                                                                                      Costco and Walmart cannot be compared to an independant kosher supermarket. These are not grocery stores- they sell thousands of non food items. They buy many different categories of items from a company.

                                                                                      Buying power is important- but a small or even large kosher supermarket will never be able to compete with these big box stores. The kosher supermarkets do have one advantage- the customer running in for several items. Speaking for myelf, if I need a few specific items, I'll go to Glatt Mart as opposed to Stop and Shop. Sure, I might pay a dollar or two more but I'm saving a lot of time!

                                                                                      And don't even start comparing a doctor to food items! Two totally different topics!

                                                                                      1. re: spikesushi

                                                                                        It used to be that all I had to do was shop at Brachs and I was assured that I was getting the best prices. Although on the average Brachs is cheaper and a more pleasant shopping experience with wider aisles and plenty of meter free parking, Gourmet Glatt does have a reasonable selection of sale items. I now go to them first to pick up the bargains, then complete my shopping at Brachs.

                                                                                        By the way, Gourmet Glatt was selling those nasty Pesach Cereals for $.99/box as opposed to the starting price of $2.99