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May 26, 2008 11:02 AM

Time Machines and Good Food

I love the webblog The author of that site has done a sterling job of bringing many of LA's great old watering holes and restaurants to a wider audience, as well as catalogueing the fast-disappearing heritage of this tear-out-and-build -over metropolis. (If you haven't logged on, you gotta have a look). As an ex-resident Angelino, it almost brings tears to my eyes. But what he doesn't cover is which ones have decent (or, hopefully, very good) food. Any recommendations of which of these old-timers is actually worth visiting for the food as well? When I come back in June I'd like to get a fix of old LA nostalgia.

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  1. personally, i wouldn't visit it for the food, but if you do go to the buggy whip, don't order the fish. i'm told that the prime rib is good.
    (not an answer to your question, but anyway, for the 'time machine' type of food, the best experience imho is not a 'time machine' restaurant, it is the grill on the ally in beverly hills)

    1. The site includes the "10 best" in various categories. For food (not in order):

      1. Pacific Dining Car Restaurant;
      2. Patsy's Pizza (best pizza in Los Angeles);
      3. Miceli's Italian Restaurant;
      4. Musso and Frank's Grill (if you know what you're ordering);
      5. The Derby Restaurant;
      6. Clifton's Cafeteria;
      7. The Apple Pan Restaurant;
      8. Clearman's Steak 'n Stein Restaurant;
      9. Pann's;
      10. The Bucket.

      1. My favorite "time machine" restaurant: Pie N Burger

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          The article doesn't seem to mention it, but Tam O'Shanter is still excellent.