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May 26, 2008 11:01 AM

Evening & morning in Anchorage

I'll be spending one evening and a morning in Anchorage. I know it's not a lot of time, but I'll have spent 8 days in Valdez, so I'll have my Alaska fill! I'm staying near the airport but happy to hop a cab downtown. What would you recommend for dinner and breakfast/lunch? I prefer a moderate priced place with good food. Thanks!

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  1. There's not much near the airport tho you may want to stop into Gwennies for breakfast in the morning - its typical of alaska roadhouse food - big portions, nothing fancy, old alaskana decor.

    Downtown is where I would go for a good meal that's not a chain restaurant. Here's some of my faves:

    Glacier Brewhouse - pub admosphere and food. I like everything on the menu but particularly the Tahini Salad, the Glacier Blue Salad, Thai Chicken Pizza. The Copper River salmon is in now and while I wouldn't order it cause I eat salmon a couple times a week, its great. Don't forget the Bread Pudding - wood fired oven baked.

    Ristorante Orso - Ok I love Italian so this sister to the Brewhouse is a fave but their food is great.

    Club Paris - bar with a great little steak place inside. Baseball cut sirloin stuffed with blue cheese.....mmmmmmm

    Humpys - bar with bar menu but I love the halibut tacos

    Snow Goose - if its nice, I like to meet here for cocktails on the back deck

    Simon and Seaforts- pop into the bar for a appetizer and a beautiful view. They also have good steak/prime rib/seafood type meals.

    You might search this board or click on my name and find other posts I've done about downtown too.

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      Good recs here . . . and in pretty good order as well.

      Just keep your expectations for Gwennies in line ... AC has described it well. It's for the experience more than the food. The crab omelet with a side of reindeer sausage is a good way to go.