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May 26, 2008 10:49 AM

Greenville (could be Greenview) Noodle Company

Over the years I have been to Hong Kong many times and love it. I used to go to a place in the New World Center called Greenville Noodle Company (could be Greenview Noodle Company). Great food and great prices. The last time I was in Hong Kong it wasn't there. Anyone know what happened? In the 80's it was on the bottom level, and in the late 80's it was on the ground floor (or maybe a half level down). Did it move, close down???

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  1. I remember this place lovingly as well - they used to have excellent fried noodle dishes and soup noodle dishes - I had one of the best tasting black pepper sauce w/ beef over fried noodle dishes here back in the mid 90's - unfortunately The New World Center has gone through massive upgrades and construction (it used to be a red color bldg and now it is white - there is a also a highway and underpass in front of the NWC as well !!!) and this lovely little noodle restaurant was sadly lost in all the re-construction - maybe they could not afford the new rents or they weren't even offered a new spot - I used to try and find out if they relocated somewhere else but could never find anything - fortunately HK has a lot of great cheap restaurants but I really miss this place. I think it was "Greenview Noodle Co."