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May 26, 2008 10:18 AM

Help: Dinner for 10 Students Near Lincoln Center

Dearest Friendly and Helpful Chowhound Community,

I come to you with a time-sensitive request: help me find a good restaurant to host a dinner for 10 Fordham students near Lincoln Center this Wednesday night.

While good food is always a bonus, what's more important for this crowd is proximity to lincoln center and affordability: we're not looking for high-end, gourmet dining -- just something convenient, cheap to moderately priced, and able to accomodate a crowd of 10 (possibly more, up to 15).

One restaurant you may think to recommend is the P.J. Clarke's near Lincoln Center -- we went there for our last dinner, however, and we hope to find someplace new.

And so I look to you, dearest hounds: put your heads together and think of a few places that might fit the bill for this dinner.

As always, thank you so much for your help -- it's greatly appreciated!

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  1. La Fenice on B'way between 69th and 70th could probably handle 10; not sure about 15. Certainly worth a call.

    1. A few ideas:

      O'Neals on 64th:
      Landmarc in the Time Warner Center:
      Pomodoro Rosso at Columbus @ 69th:

      1. Taking you at your word that good food isn't the top priority. I haven't been to Sambuca in years but its family-style dishes should work well for a larger crowd.

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          Sambuca isn't bad. definitely a good suggestion for a large group.

        2. I'd head over to Landmarc at the Time Warner Center.