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May 26, 2008 09:56 AM

Blue RIbbon still fantastic...

Ate here last night with my wife and her friend. The place still holds up as one of the best diversified menus in the city, IMO.

Apps: Traditional Escargot, Endive salad, and Soft shell crab (special)

Entree: Fried Chicken, Paella, and the whole fish, Brazino.

No dessert, but a elegant Chateuneuf du Pape, Gigandos and port...

Loved everything, although the fried chicken receives raves and I thought it to be just OK. All in all a great evening. Not too crowded as well.

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  1. it's the constistancy of the fried chicken that i like- always great, maybe not Lee's Fried Chicken in Virginia, but always very very good, fresh, spiced great, and the honey takes it over the top. just when the chicken seems to start getting dry, the honey makes it sing... enjoy fb

    p.s. chocolate bruno is a big hit in our family- especially with the kidz...