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May 26, 2008 09:53 AM

Lobster east of Bar Harbor

I'm going to be in Bar Harbor this summer. Is it worth taking a drive further down east to find better prices on lobster rolls, clam shacks, etc?

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  1. Further down east? You mean north of bar harbour? No. I don't think you'll find much in that direction. You might try down the coast, but the Maine coast in summertime is not bargain time for anything lobstah or clam related.

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    1. re: Altaira

      It's down east, Altaria, down wind to the east! I live in the area and work summers in Bah Habbah. A tourist trap. The local joke is that when one drives over the bridge to MDI, 20% is added to the bill. We head down east.
      In Ellsworth, Jordan's Snack Bar is an institution (we love the fried clams. The Union River Lobster Pot is a jewel.
      Ruth& Whimpy's, Hancock, is where many locals go and is the cheapest lobster around. Right now, lobster & corn, $9.95! The decor is a hoot too. Tidal Falls Restaurant. Hancock, great view, great food and BBQ too and BYOB. Who could ask for more? Owned by the Frenchman's Bay Land Conservancy who uses the profits to purchase private land and open it to the public. I'll give them my money any day. My wife has been going there for over 50 years. Can you tell we like the place?
      Go further via Winter Harbor , Fisherman's Friend, and Birch Harbor, can't remember the name of a seafood shack, Joshy's place, in Milbridge, has the cheapest lobster rolls around. Last summer they were only $6.95 and the crab, scallop, clam & shrimp rolls, $5.95, Take them and go eat at McClellan Park. The Red Barn has been there forever. Finally Tall Barney's in Jones Port is very good. I also feel you would see another, less touristed side of Maine and some very beautiful scenery. Most of Bar Harbor closes for the winter and moves to Florida or Skiland. These folks in Washington County are stuck here and struggle through the winter.
      Oh yes, I forgot Chester Pikes Galley in Sorrento. The lobster Benedict otta be illegal.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        Thanks for some local knowledge, I have printed your recs and will use on my trip in August.

        >Ruth& Whimpy's, Hancock, is where many locals go and is the cheapest lobster around. Right now, lobster & corn, $9.95!

        Do they cook bigger lobsters too (~2.5 - 3 lbs)? Are they priced relatively just as reasonable?

        1. re: LStaff

          Yes, they cook jumbos, but not reasonable. Huge fresh berry pies for dessert, though.

          1. re: LStaff

            Re: your interest in larger lobsters: particularly in August, when most the available lobsters will be "new shells" [which many of us regard as sweeter and more tender], larger ones will be especially pricey in comparison. You might like the taste better by just buying a couple of 1 1/4's!

            1. re: mainemal

              Right again! Ruth & Whimpey's has a double lobster special for Father's Day. Last year, around 16 bucks. Hmmm good idea.