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May 26, 2008 09:37 AM

Toronto- St. Lawrence Market - Breakfast

I have read most of the old posts. Trying to determine if friends and we can have a good,unique breakfast at the market. Have read about peameal bacon sandwhich and "Italian"
sandwhiches at shops in the basement level. We are staying close to both the St. L Mkt and Chinatown. Its eating breakfast in or around the Mkt or doing dim sum in Chinatown (Rol San restuarant) or Shanghai soup filled dumplings at Asian Legend, or noodles at Mothers Dumplings.Depends also on what's open in the am.
Your help, advice and specific suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Chinatown's about a 25 minute walk from St. Lawrence so it's not unreasonable to head over in that direction after you're done the market. However, the only places that are open early (meaning before 11-12) will generally be dim sum places and bakeries, though a couple of places serving BBQ may be open early as well.

    As for options near the market there's Toba on king around a block up from the market and Patrician's right beside it IIRC. The distillery's about fifteen minutes east.

    1. Not sure where you're from but on another thread we're trying to come up with a truly unique Toronto food.
      Peameal on a bun seems the best bet. So I'd say try the peameal sandwich at the St. Lawrence Market. I'd go for carousel but there are varying opinions.
      One thing for sure, try to get one as hot off the grill as you can.


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        Thanks but please advise what you mean by going "for carousel" ?

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          Carousel Bakery. They're one of the vendors at the market. Upstairs, south building, west side.
          Emeril had his peameal there. FWIW.