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May 26, 2008 09:25 AM

Plazita Limena in Bonaire

Sometimes local hole in the wall Chowish finds are worth posting. I had another LOVELY lunch at Plazita Limena last week. Run but a kind muy sympatico Peruvian couple the place is low key and most of all offers delish food. I love the wood spit cooked chicken. I often choose mitar mitar/half rice half yucca to have two starches. The sauces are to die for. Service can border slow but hey, it's the Caribbean. Sit in back for privacy and nice breezes. Save some leftovers for the cute street dog that lurks nearby. Slightly more than you would pay for at El Fagon, another local find but darn good.

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  1. We ate here on the last night of a two week stay. It is a find. Do not remember the names of everything we had, various kinds of ceviche and similar dishes, octopus, a stewed lamb dish. All were delicious and the service was fine. We ate out front but there is a garden area in back. I hope this place catches on and does well. It was empty the Saturday we were there.

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      In all honesty it is one of my family's favorite spots. I always get the Peruvian dishes.The shrimp with the pumpkin is delicious.They have been slow lately. Truly the prices for us locals is rather high. The owner are very nice.

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        What type of items do you recommend here? What is the location?

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          The restaurant is across from TELBO on Simon Bolivar Blvd. Park in back. I love the pumpkin and shrimp dish. Some love the ceviche.

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            I ate at Plazita Limena and it was fantastic. We had seafood: wahoo and mahi. The appetizer of shrimp salad over avocado was outstanding. They are a Peruvian restaurant and use fresh fish, and fresh fruit and veggies (from Venezuela, I assume). Excellent!

            Location: As phelena says, park in the back behind the Bonaire Tourism office, but the entrance is around the corner on Kaya Grandi (Main St), righthand side.

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              You may enter from the back as well.