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May 26, 2008 09:21 AM

Boise truck food

Anyone check out these places mentioned in this Boise Weekly article on mobile food joints?

The Kilted Kod -

Native Taters Cafe - corner of Protest and Boise avenues

Wild Woody's Smokehouse - the empty parking lot adjacent to The Torch

Any other similar trucks that you would recommend? I think there is an authentic Chicago hotdog stand in Meridian on Fairview and Main maybe? Can't remember.

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  1. Kilted Kod: Had to wait awhile for the food, and this was between lunch and dinner. There weren't that many people ahead of me, but the frying process was time consuming. Keep that in mind if you try and go during a lunch break. The fries are your standard pub fare. The cod and the batter were both light and fluffy. But there was one crucial element missing: taste! It was damn near criminal how much malt vinegar I had to add to the fish to get SOMETHING going on my taste buds. I thought I drowned my fish in the vinegar, and I did this right in front of one of the employees. I went back to their table to eat and realized there still wasn't much taste to it. Going back to add more vinegar in front of them would've been embarrassing, so I just sucked it up and went with the vinegar/tartar sauce I already had. Never had I had fish and chips where I needed to add so much and got so little in return. I haven't been in a real British pub in town (is there even one?), so I have nothing to compare it to or to give The Kilted Kod one of those "Not very good for the big city, but OK for Boise" kind of backhanded compliments.

    Native Taters: haven't been there, and I don't know when I'd actually take the time to go there (I'd be tempted to go to Big Jud's nearby for those fries anyway). But in the brief time I've been here I've heard nothing but good things about it, both in terms of quality and price. The only thing I'm wary about is how big a portion of food I'm getting for sandwiches under $5. I'm not huge, but I'm not tiny either. Will it fill me up?

    Wild Woody's: I've gone there twice, both to get something BBQ related (go with what they're known for!). I tried their shredded BBQ beef sandwich, which was no big deal but still decent. I also had the short ribs. For the $10 he wanted, I got 6 ribs. The meat was moist and tender. But if I'm going to an establishment called a "smokehouse," I'd hope for more of a smoky taste to the meat than what I got. The BBQ sauce is homemade, and I found it pretty ordinary. You'll like it if you prefer more of a sweet taste. I want some tang in there myself, so to that extent I was disappointed. I'll have to try some of the non-BBQ stuff on the menu. For a late-night downtown option, I think it's worth a shot. Bear in mind that you'll be eating it on the ground in the parking lot if you eat it there, and eat it quickly if you take it home. I didn't have the open-or-closed issues that the Weekly did. I went on a weekday around dinnertime and on a weekday around 11, and the guy was there both times. His sign says he's open on weekdays from 11 till 1 AM. I can't remember when he opens on Saturday, but he closes just as late. There's a trailer behind the shack and a camera pointing to where your order at the front of the shack. He just sits in the trailer and watches the camera until someone makes an appearance.

    That Chicago hot dog stand is on the southeastern corner of Fairview and Main next to the Rite-Aid. The guy who runs it is a Chicago native, and he says he gets his buns and Vienna Beef hot dogs shipped from Chicago every week. I asked him about the beef he uses for his Italian Beef sandwiches, and he just said he's the one that prepares it. I'm not a Chicago native, but I had a few co-workers from there while in L.A., so I did get the Chicago experience once in awhile. So with that in mind, I had a basic Chicago Dog with steamed bun/dog and enjoyed it. It comes with crinkle cut fries. The next time I go there I'll have to try the Italian Beef sandwich. We got to talking about Portillo's (they have a few open in L.A., so I've had it before), and he swears his Italian Beef is better than theirs (that's a tall order IMO). He got to talking about he knew one of the Portillos and explained the process of how the quality of their restaurants declined. So I'll cut him some slack and try one the next time I'm there.

    1. Spotted a taco truck today on Federal Way on the way to Home Depot but I didn't have time to stop...maybe this weekend.

      1. Update:

        I've gone to Native Taters twice now. Nothing earth shattering, but a solid meal that should be able to fill your stomach for $5 (which gets you a sandwich and either chips or a homemade side order like potato salad, pasta salad, or chili). The lady who works there is real sweetheart too. There's signs saying you get more meat in your sandwich than Subway, Quiznos, or Blimpies, which I guess would be true once you average out the comparison in the sizes of the sandwiches (Native Taters uses deli bread unlike the others).

        I went back to the Taste of Chicago hot dog stand to try the Italian Beef. Meh. No, it's not better than Portillos. I didn't really care for the roll it came in. It definitely needed more peppers than the amount that came with it because there was a lack of taste otherwise. If I ever do order it again, I'm going to have to ask them to add hot sport peppers. But if I'm ever going to take the time and expense to drive there (as I live in the North End), I'm more apt to stick with the dogs that I liked and get the best value-- their daily special of two dogs, fries, and soda for $6.75.

        For posterity, I should point out that while I thought the guy said he gets his buns shipped from Chicago, I read an article attached to the stand saying that they're made at a local bakery. And upon asking about having neon green relish (which he does have), he told me I could order some through him if I wanted. So if any Chicago natives are reading this, he's open to getting at least some stuff for you personally. Ordering some Vienna Beef sounds kinda tempting if he lets me.

        In all, I think there's worthwhile food to eat at all of the places sans the Kilted Kod, which I will never go back to.

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          I went to Native Taters for the 1st time last week and a craving made me go back again today. I really don't know how nakni would describe "earth shattering" ... but we are talking sandwiches here!

          For a second let's forget it is a truck and that it only costs $5 for a rather large sandwich and a delicious side (you can choose your standard bag of chips BUT you can also choose loaded potato soup, homemade potato salad, pasta salad etc.) The sandwiches taste as good (or better) than any sit down restaurant I have been to in a long time! The fact that it does come from a truck (and I can see the truck is very clean inside!) really makes me appreciate it more.

          Last month I went to the Kodiak Grill and ordered a Reuben (I am a former New Yorker) It was nearly $12 (and it was good ... but not great) Today I had a MUCH (much!) better Reuben and potato salad for $5!

          Last week I had the Pork Tenderloin Philly that melted in my mouth with the very tasty soup (Still $5!) and my Mom and I shared the awesome pasta salad and added a Bavarian cake that was HUGE (and only $1.75)

          I don't know what Nakni was expecting BUT THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!

          1. re: boisenewbie

            I just started trying to compile a list of boise area food carts, but sadly it is mostly hot dogs and taco trucks. Azteca (used to be Chilangos) is probably my fave taco truck. Still, Boise's food cart scene leaves a lot to be desired. My list is here:

        2. As one who used to live in the British Isles and considers True/real fish and chips an artform I went with high expectations. Too high. Hoped for hand dipped wet batter fish and hand cut chips. did not expect or anticipate frozen. sorry, it was a one time visit.