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May 26, 2008 09:09 AM

The Very Best Brunch (not buffet) in D.C./NOVA/MD

I have heard from a few friends that Tabard Inn is very nice, would love to try that--can anyone give some feedback on their menu selection and what days they offer their brunch menu?

Also, what other places would you recommend?

Particularly interested in places that have

-Fresh Squeezed juices
-Eggs Benedict
-Nice homestyle breakfast/brunch cooking
-YUMMY bacon or special homemade sausage...

**Doesnt have to have all of the above, but if it does, thats even better...

Would be great too if they were close to the Tysons area :)

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  1. Tallula in Arlington does brunch, I don't know what days and they often have special bacon and sausage, their bacon is wonderful not your average, their pancakes with ricotta and cherries are amazing, and the corned beef hash is very good. Their pancakes are even better than Market lunch in my opinion. Although Market lunch is another good brunch place if you can get their Saturday morning.

    For eggs benedict, I really like Harry's Tap Room in Arlington which does a surprisingly good brunch.

    In DC Poste has an excellent brunch, I really like their doughnuts, french toast and croque madame. I believe Poste does breakfast and brunch.

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      Oh and the Carlyle in Shirlington has good brunch, I have never been to brunch at the other Great American Restaurants, but I bet they would be pretty good too.

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        I second Carlyle! Their steak and eggs are spectacular every time (comes with perfectly cookes asparagus). My bf always gets the french toast with bacon and loves it. (The mimosas are pretty good as well:)

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        You read my mind! I love Tallula for brunch. All the classics, but most usually with a twist. Now that the weather is nice, be sure to get there early for patio seating.

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          I have never been to Poste for brunch but I have really been craving it the last couple of days. have you been recently? How does the seasonal produce look? I know that Poste's bread and butter is when the chef is able to pick from his garden adjacent to the bar there.

        2. The Ritz in Crystal City does have a buffett, but boy it is incredible. Oysters, lamb, and yes - fresh squeezed orange juice. I took someone there this past Sun and they were astounded.

          1. dunno if it's the BEST brunch, but it's definitely a fabulous brunch- part buffet, part made to order. Cafe Panache in Ashburn... the buffet is smoked salmon with all the fixin's- capers, egg, onion, etc.- cold pasta and cesaer salads, pastries, croissants, bagels, and the like to start. Mimosas, OJ or champagne are complimentary. you order from the menu with choices ranging from flank steak and eggs to french toast with bosc pears. then it all comes together at the end with decadent desserts- like key lime pie, mango custard, our last visit featured a berry mousse with a blood orange sauce swirled throughout- it was unbelievable. look for a latin american flair there this summer...

            Cafe Panache features new dishes and different styles at will, and they never disappoint. it's a brunch woth checking out if you come to Loudoun County-

            Oh yes- the sausage- a homemade maple delight, the oj- i THINK it's fresh squeezed but mine is always diluted with champagne... and the benedict- very good, but not my fave anymore after having the original creation from Mimi's Cafe! (see your other post)

            1. The Tabard Inn's brunch is wonderful, and so is the internet:


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                I had the best ever brioche french toast there with a strawberry-raspberry-blueberry sauce. Totally rich and delicious. On another occasion I had grits with fried oysters, which were fabulous as well. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry.

              2. Lansdowne Resort, near Leesburg, VA, is one of the best of the best brunch buffets in the DC Met Area. Aside from the variety and quality of the food, you also get a terrific view of the golf course, mountains and woods that surround the resort. And NO...I don't work for the resort...LOL!!!