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May 26, 2008 08:37 AM

Best Single Malt Whisky Bars in RI??

Ok, so I am looking to try somewhere new that has a great whisky selection. I have been to all of the obvious..Mews..too pricey, small pours, Wild Colonial, Julians, etc. I guess I am wondering if there is somewhere out there in RI that has a great list (10+ bottles minimum) that doesn't overprice them ala steakhouses. Anyone know of somewhere I have not discovered? I am also more interested in Scotch that is not on your typical list (Glenmorangie 10, Glenlivet, Gledfiddich, etc...these are on just about everyones list). I used to love Doyles in Boston. Great list there.

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  1. The new Rick's Roadhouse on Richmond St supposedly has the biggest whiskey selection in the state. I don't drink whiskey, so I couldn't tell you how good the selection really is though

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      I was there last week- the scotch selction was pretty much your typical list, which was what Jdiddy26 mentioned above, plus Talisker 10, Glen Garoich 10, Balvenie 12, and a few others. The focus was more on bourbon and Rye, which I'm not too familiar with. I found the scotch selection (and my dinner) disappointing.

    2. the Mews tavern inWakefield RI has close to a 100 single malts, most of which i have never heard.