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May 26, 2008 08:33 AM

Sunday night in Leeds

Is there anywhere really nice in Leeds city centre, preferably near the Quebec Hotel.

Maybe great Italian.......

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  1. I am not sure about Italian, but when I go to Leeds, I always go to Anthony's

    Well worth trying


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Great restaurant, but unfortunately not open Sundays (or Mondays).

    2. Keep your fingers crossed. There's a new CH - Leeds resident - just posted on the Spain board. Hopefully they also find their way here.

      The only Italian I know of (by reputation rather than experience) is

      BTW, Good Food Guide mentions "Sous le Nez en Ville" ("modern European", rather than French) at Quebec House, Quebec Street - on the plot for your hotel, perchance?

      1. Hmmm hope the new Leeds guy replies. Those two suggestions, for which thanks, look rather dreary.

        I thought Leeds was meant to be the happening vortex of cool in Yorkshire with its own Harvey Nicks?

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        1. re: loobcom

          Again, I am not sure about the opening times, but what about The Red Chilli?

          6 Great George Street
          Leeds City Centre
          LS1 3DW
          0871 4261769

          Specialises in dishes from Sichuan and Beijing and has had very good crit for a long time.

          I only went once and that was after a tasting menu at Anthony's so, if I am honest, I can't actually recall how good it was


        2. Sundays in the centre can be desolate.
          dunno what to suggest if you think Anthony's and Salvo's are dreary- the opposite is true. The food in Sous le Nez is good, very close to the Quebec you will find Bar and Grill and Chino Latino, both on City square- Bar and Grill (part of a small chain) is big and buzzy with decent brasserie style food and CL serves Japanese inspired small plates. It can be expensive but I have eaten some great food there in the past. It has a 'cool' cocktail bar and D.J's on a weekend with a young crowd (I'm not sure about Sundays)
          Bibi's is 100 yards away and is a loud, brash, Art Deco Italian. The food is very hit and miss but is always full and becoming a bit of a party venue for hen parties and the like (cock a doodle doo). If food is not the number 1 requirement on this trip it can be fun for the eye candy alone and it has a bar so you could just have a drink then go to the decent Thai opposite.
          Woodlands is a short (3 miles) taxi ride away in a bit of an industrial area and serves contemporary British food, I recently had the best meal I have eaten in Leeds in the last 6 months there, the chef is a good un and has worked with the best.
          You are, of course, spot on loobcom, Leeds is the happening vortex of cool in Yorkshire with its own Harvey Nicks but the City closes on Sundays so hipness can be thin on the ground till Monday morning.
          The Hi Fi club is good on Sundays with live music and cheap and cheerful Sunday lunch, nice crowd and live music, live bands and free entry on the evening too and just on the edge of the exchange quarter with a whole bunch of cool bars if you are a bar type. Gritty Northern hipsters are content to sup pints and nibble daintily on pickled eggs with pensioners in pubs like the Grove or the Pack horse and enjoy the 'turn' on offer. The Red Chilli has some great dishes, the boiled dumplings, pigs kidneys and blue swimming crab were exceptional but there are some right old gloopy and cheap tasting dishes which spoils it a bit.
          Good Luck on your Sunday in Leeds loobcom.

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          1. re: loudjazz

            Good to see you found the UK board, loudjazz. Welcome.


            1. re: loudjazz

              thanks LJ, some nice suggestions.

              1. re: loobcom

                the claypot lamb, any eel dish and the pork belly with cabbage are all outstanding red chilli standards. delicious.

            2. The chef at Woodlands has now moved on, his sous chef has taken over the kitchen so I don't know what the menu or style of cooking is at the moment. Where are you John?!

              On another note I have just returned from the Taste Festival in Millennium Square, Leeds. It is sold out for tomorrow (Saturday) but it is happening on Sunday also. It is worth a trip with chefs like Andrew Pern (Star Inn), Anthony Flynn (Anthony's) Simon Shaw (Gato Negro) all up for a chat and serving small portions of their food. Lots of freebie food and drink around too - very enjoyable, I shall have to return tonight to spend my 'crowns' that you purchase to buy food, I was so full after 3 dishes and a couple of freebies I had to come home for a kip! I've not had such a large portion of fois gras and black pudding (served with caramelised applesand watercress salad) ever served to me in a restaurant, and it was only a fiver (10 crowns) . Bargain.