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May 26, 2008 08:12 AM

Wild Mushrooms in Calgary??

Im looking for a source for Wild Mushrooms in Calgary....specifiacally, Morels. I have tried the Farmers Market at Currie Barracks, but all I could find there was white, brown, and oyster mushrooms. ALso, Ive done the market at Market at Mercato, wich is great for fresh porcini and oyster variety...but sadly, no morels.

Im dyin here. I just got back from Pike Place Marke tin Seattle, which had morels by the barrel full......

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  1. Hopefully someone has seen them but, if not, the places I would try are: Lena's, Sunterra and Planet Organic.

    1. I've seen them on the very rare occaision at Co-op and at Amaranth. Maybe you could try Bite down in Inglewood.

      1. Community Natural Foods has dried morels, but alas, no fresh.

        For other types of fresh wild mushrooms, try the Asian markets, like T&T and Tops 100. They often have fresh shiitake and king oyster (different from oyster--you can slice them up to simulate abalone) mushrooms. The mushrooms are sold on those little styrofoam trays, wrapped in plastic.

        1. There's a little fruit and veg market called DJ's markets at 4645 12 Street SE, next to the burger bus (which serves awesome burgers btw). They usually have different wild mushrooms when in season and right now I just picked up a nice large basket of fresh morels for $10. They get a lot of different stuff in every week and it's a great place for finding interesting ingredients. They have fiddleheads and interesting heirloom tomatoes right now as well.

          There's the standard veggies and fruit there too and later on in the summer they start getting a lot more locally produced items.

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