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May 26, 2008 07:37 AM

Heading Back to Ellsworth

Hi All,

Well, in 2 weeks I will be making my annual trip to Maine from Philly to take my dad to his place on Green Lake. Just wanted to know if a couple of our favorite spots are now open. I know that Jordan's is open. Does anyone know if the Trenton lighthouse still has their Friday Night All-you-can-eat Haddock special? How about sandwiches in Ellsworth? Is the Giant Sub any good? Also, I think there are some Barbecue joints in Ellsworth. Any good?
(Notice I'm staying away from lobster - allergic to shellfish)

Any recommendations for breakfast in the Ellsworth, Brewer, Bangor area?

Will be making a trip to reunion weekend in Kent's Hill and hope to stop at Mr. G's in Waterville and pick up some sandwiches on the way back.

Anything else new and notable in the Ellsworth area?


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    Breakfast: The Riverside is always reliable, with a wide-ranging menu--fresh squeezed juices, veggie choices, creative. For more standard, diner-style goods, check out Martha's Diner, in the Reny's Plaza--almost everything on the menu is less than $5 (at least last summer, have yet to go this, with prices skyrocketing everywhere).

    For sandwiches: Frankie's Cafe is back and inside Mr. Paperback in the Maine Coast Mall.

    I'll be passing through later this week and I'll post if I notice anything new in Ellsworth/Trenton.

    Breakfast: Friar's Bakehouse (if it's open, weird hours) for carbs; Bagel Central is decent. Not sure if Monte's does breakfast, but worth checking. Of course, if you're willing to drive a bit, there's always Dysert's.

    1. It's not Ellsworth, but if you are in the Kents Hill area, you must go to Slate's in Hallowell! It's on the main drag, along the river. Oh, and don't miss Liberal Cup either.

      1. Well, not new, but well worth it, particularly for lunch in Ellsworth, is Cleonice. Slightly Med. style, significantly local sources for food, tapas menu, etc. And last summer, I had the best "lamb burger" I've ever eaten. Dinner is more expensive, but for lunch, it's a great change from sandwich shops.

        1. Agree w/ Cleonice for lunch. The lamb burgers are our favorite. If you are from Philly, forget Giant Sub. Jamaican BBQ at Newlands on 1a is not yet there. Crazy Dave's(by Walmart) and Moe's (at the town landing) are bustling(?). Both are good, but I ain't no southerner. Don't forget The Union River Lobster Pot for non crusty steak, ribs chicken and pasta. Two new places, Calypso (Where Mai Dee's was.) and Kona's (Where the Hill Top was.) have mixed reviews thus far. Rosa Luna is shut. Will check w/ the wife about Trenton Light House, she drives by every day. At Martha's the baked ham w/ the ham & eggs is outstanding.
          Bring me some scrapple, apple butter, Ninth St. Italian sausage, Taylor Pork Roll and a Philly pork sandwich will ya?

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            I might be able to help you out on those requests Passadumkeag (well, the scrapple and the pork roll). I don't think the sandwiches would last the trip.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              I had an excellent lunch at Calypso last summer--both food and service. What are the complaints leading to mixed reviews?

              And what's the menu at Kona? I may check that out later this week. All I can think of is Hawaiian coffee... Of course, must see what's up at Morton's now that it's sold. It was sooo good, loved that dark chocolate with wasabi.

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                Hi Passadumkeg,

                Any word on the Trenton Light House's haddock special?


                1. re: dwharff

                  I just phoned them. Until the 4th they are open Wed-Sunday. The haddock sandwich is still $5.95 and for myself, I called Ruth & Whimpie's still has their $9.95 lobster special Thurs.-Sat and for Fathers Day a $19.95 twin lobster Father's Day Special. Enjoy!

              2. Lunch is also excellent at both the Riverside Cafe and Frankie's. Both have terrific home made soup and delicious and interesting sandwiches.