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Favorite burgers and toppings?

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Hubby made some great burgers last night. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but I'm craving another one today! He chopped up some pitted calamata olives and roasted red pepper and added it to 80/20 ground beef. For the topping, aside from the cheese, I baked some vidalias (cut them like a bloomin' onion) and put a pat of butter, some Season All and brown sugar on top. I covered the pan in foil and let it bake for many hours. Any one else have any favorites?

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  1. pepper jelly and mont jack cheese

    smoked paprika in the burger is a fave, good w/ garlic, parsley, worcestershire mixed in as well

    topped w/ avocado

    1. We're trying ground buffalo today for our Memorial Day burgers...never had it before .. someone suggested mixing it with garlic and worcestershire sauce, then grilling it, so that's what I'll do.

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        We LOVE buffalo burgers! We dont eat anything else anymore. We grilled some today with a bit of Montreal Steak Seasoning. I added sharp cheddar cheese, sauteed cremini mushrooms and homemade horseradish mayo on a toasted bun. I hope you enjoyed your buffalo burgers as well. Not only is the flavor unmatched but the buffalo is better for you than regular ground chuck.

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          Yep, they were really excellent...so glad I tried buffalo...kind of expensive at $7.00 per pound BUT I don't eat 'red' meats that often and for that money, at least you know you aren't eating an animal that has eaten other animals in their feed <feeling queasy>. Will try adding the Montreal Steak seasoning next time which will probably be 4th of July.

      2. Blue-cheese stuffed burgers with grilled onions and sauteed mushrooms.

        1. Thes Cranberry Turkey Burgers are fantastic! Rave reviews and recipe requests by many!

          1. minced rabbit and sage, with swiss cheese, fresh tomato and Dijon-aise.

            1. I also like turkey burgers with chopped rosemary blended in.

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                Ground lamb with lots of rosemary, ground pepper and garlic topped with brie.
                On a whole grain bun with dark mustard and whatever you like.

              2. Juicy hamburger, on a ciabatta roll, topped with Stilton, and spread with SWK's roasted garlic jam! Oh my..

                1. My favorite burgers are Greek turkey burgers: Ground turkey mixed with chopped mixed greek olives, crumbled feta, oregano, parsley and a good amount of pepper. With some thin sliced red onion on top.

                  We are grill (jumbo lump hardwood only) people, so I thinking they are better cooked on the grill then in a pan.

                  1. Although vegetarian, I have some good burger toppings.....we just serve it on almond patties or mushroom patties, not meat patties:

                    Fresh spinach, crumbled feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, tomato slices, served in pita bread

                    Sliced brie cheese placed over granny smith apples with a hint of mild dijon mustard. Would be good on chicken breast or turkey burgers

                    Sauteed wild mushrooms....Shiitake, Chanterelle, oyster, etc with herbs

                    Mix Chinese 5 spice powder into your patty, then serve with grilled pineapple, homemade terriaki sauce with lots of garlic & ginger, smear of wasabi if you like it spicy

                    Cream cheese, roasted red peppers, onion sprouts, Edam cheese

                    Homemade guacamole or avocado slices, jalepenos, monterey jack cheese, chopped tomatoes mixed with cilantro and a little lime juice and cumin

                    Mix some curry into your patties before grilling, serve with mango chutney, spicy peppers and baby greens

                    Pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella cheese served on foccacia bread

                    Grilled pineapple and smoked gruyere cheese

                    Cheddar cheese, mustard, and sauerkraut served on potato bread

                    1. Here is a link to Pork Burgers Indochine from foodnetwork.com.

                      This is easily the best burger I've eaten--ever.


                      1. My favorite is Goin's Pork Burger that has chorizo and bacon in it, served on a brioche bun, with aioli, romesco sauce and arugula. There may be an online link - let me know if you want me to find it.

                        1. My mom asked me to make these burgers for Memorial Day. I have to admit I was skeptical to start and then when she told me she saw it on Emeril I was really not sure.

                          But being a good daughter I went and looked it up and made them. I have to say that there were 9 of us and everyone raved about them. They were actually quite delicious.We'll definitely make them again.

                          Andouille Burgers with Grilled onion and Creole Remolade.


                          1. We love to make turkey burgers with minced onion and garlic and a touch of curry powder and soy sauce mixed in for flavor.

                            1. Veggie burgers with bacon & cheese. Always a fun one to order at restaurants - confuses the hell out of people. If I'm making it at home, I'll add cajun seasoning and a little habanero powder. (with ketchup)

                              1. I like mine topped with Swiss Cheese, Smoked Ham, BBQ Sauce, and Red Onion on Ciabatta.

                                The other day I had some leftover buffalo wings, now this seems crazy but this is what I did. I took the meat off of the wings, added it to a burger, mixed together some Frank's Red Hot and Ranch Dressing and MAN OH MAN was that one great burger !!! Almost forgot to tell you, PepperJack Cheese too.