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May 26, 2008 02:33 AM

Chinese Shreded Crispy Duck (UK Style)

As an ex-pat Brit, living in Perth, I have found it impossible to find Chinese Crispy Shredded Duck served in the same manner that we get it in Chinese retaurants in the UK.

UK style has the pancakes, cucumber etc but the duck is served skin on and shredded (normally shredded at your table by your waiter). It has been cooked so it is soo delicious and crispy that having it skin on it no problem.

In Perth when I've ordered duck with pancakes it has been served sliced with the skin on but it is far from crispy and has a big white layer of fat. It came pre wrapped in the pancake which involved unwrapping, cutting the fat off etc. Not the experience I was after.

Does anyone know where I might find Chinese duck served UK style in this manner within the Perth area or even Melbourne?

P.S. When in Melbourne recently I couldn't find any either but I'm going back in September and am willing to try again.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. apologies in advance for this response, but your post really made me laugh. Perspective is a funny thing.

    Having lived in the UK, I always thought the duck there was overcooked, dry and stringy and didn't like it much in comparison to the "aussie version".

    Having said that, it should be served - presented whole, sliced and served at the table.

    I think you will struggle to find what you are after in Australia... but perhaps persevere with the quest as it should be cooked enough not to be too fatty, but decadent nonetheless...

    1. If you come to Sydney, BBQ King has what you are after, just stop them before they pre-wrap your pancakes.

      Have you had the duck at Royal China in London?

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      1. re: sandra in australia

        I was going to say BBQ King. But I thought they only prepared the first one, they leave you to do the rest.

        1. re: sandra in australia

          If we're nominating Sydney places -
          Emperor's Garden in Chinatown would be my choice
          and Fook Yuen in Chatswood has a strong, loyal following.

          ... but it's not like anything I experienced in UK.

        2. Where did you go?

          Try Emperor's Court in Northbridge. They do a very good seven course duck banquet, including the duck pancakes and a bizarre ice-cream dessert served in a plume of dry ice.

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          1. re: jennywren

            Thank you all for your suggestions. I will try the Emperor's Court next weekend as I won't be going to Sydney anytime soon and shall report back.
            ; - )

            1. re: Alex_75

              I'm totally in agreement with the crispy thing. Which I only met on holiday in the UK.

              My only suggestion is do it yourself. When I was in the UK I could finish a whole duck on my own if I was hungry as I was broke most of the time.

          2. Unfortunately, in my experience (I have travelled a lot), along with decent sweet chilli crispy shredded beef, you are not going to find it in a restaurant outside the UK. You will have to make it yourself

            1. 3 years after your post. I was searching the same and it appears that Picasso's on Walcott Street serve it the way I remember it in the UK. Why can't restaurants here catch onto the rest of the world and serve them the way they should be - shredded duck

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              1. re: comercomer

                Crispy shredded duck is a very British-Chinese dish - same as Manchurian chicken is an Indian-Chinese dish (which you'd be hard-pressed to find outside India) or Mushu pork is an American-Chinese dish. It's also very different from Peking duck, and therein lies the British crispy duck's unique appeal. Unlike the Peking duck, which had gone through an elaborate process of being pumped full of air, marinated, hung dry, then roasted in a wood-fired oven, a British crispy duck is basically deep-fried, resulting in a drier texture.

                I really liked crispy shredded duck whenever I visit London, and my personal fave spot for that is Fung Shing in Lisle Street. It was impossible to find British-style crispy shredded duck in Singapore until London's Royal China opened a branch at the Raffles Hotel a few years back. Finally, Singaporeans can have authentic British crispy shredded duck without having to fly 14 hours to the UK.

                1. re: klyeoh

                  To be honest the UK versions I've tried are invariably dry & stringy and accompanied by an oversweet gloop.
                  Every Peking duck I had in Sydney involved wrapping your own pancakes and the moist meat & layer of fat is what makes it a succulent dish.
                  Each to their own tough.