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May 26, 2008 12:02 AM

Milk-poached eggs

Eggs poached in milk are on the menu of a local restaurant. Has anyone done this? Is it worth ordering because it tastes better than eggs poached in water?

One of the few recipes I found on the web said "Milk-poached eggs are deliciously sweet and tender"

They also suggest poaching eggs in broth for extra flavor.

My search also turned up the recipe for eggs poached in tomato sauce ... which turns the eggs red. It sounds very good. It seems lots of cultures poach eggs is some sort of tomato sauce.

Do you poach eggs in an other liquids?

Some other poaching ideas I came across

Eggs poached in cheese sauce

Eggs poached in red wine

Eggs poached in sour cream,1926,1...

Eggs poached in sorrel sauce

Eggs poached in Onion Gravy

There were mentions of eggs poached in various oils or fats like olive oil, oleo, butter, bacon fat and lard

Some restaurants poached eggs in one of the following liquids: champagne, white wine,sherry, port, beer, earl grey tea, miso broth, heavy cream

This place comes up with the all time weird poached egg dish ... but there is also Flambéed Kangaroo on the menu ... Cotswold Ledgebar blue free range eggs poached in a Saffron soup on a bed of Chervil& Eucalyptus Dumplings, garnished with Gold Leaf

Seriously ... is that place for real?

One cookbook mentioned a recipe for poached eggs in ginger sauce. A festival in Canada poached eggs in maple syrup.

My search for milk-poached eggs turned up a blog by someone whose mother poached eggs in milk and then poured them over toast.

That led to a detour for me about milk toast ... and ultimately toast in general which is the reason for this separate link

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  1. I've never heard of poaching them in milk, though have been wanting to try making oeufs en (a la?) meurette - poaching in red wine.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      My mom did this, I haven't thought about this dish until now, we loved it as kids. At first its an off putting combo and the colors odd, but we did like it.

    2. i've never heard of this - but will try poaching in milk or broth next time. neat idea.

      1. I wouldn't think 2-3 minutes in any liquid would be enough time for flavor to penetrate the eggwhite. Anyone try it?

        (I think in the midwest, eggs poached in fat are called 'basted'--anybody, is that the same?)

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        1. re: toodie jane

          When I put too much vinegar in the poaching water, I can definitely taste it, so I think one would with wine, at least. I usually poach for exactly 3 minutes for a large egg, slightly longer for extra large.

          1. re: toodie jane

            I would not equate basted eggs with eggs poached in fat. Basted eggs have the fat spooned over them to firm up the yolks and make a nice rosy pink film, before the yolks become hard from the heat below. Think of cracking eggs into a pan where you've just cooked bacon, but left the bacon fat in. Or where you melt a couple tablespoons butter in a pan; once the whites are a bit firm, in either case, you begin spooning the fat over the eggs. This is a basted egg. Whereas a poached egg is completely immersed in liquid, usually at least two inches deep.

          2. I've made eggs in red wine and absolutely love it on top of a salad with chunks of bacon and and mmmmmm.....Also have poached eggs in a thin tomato well on grilled bread.

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            1. re: sixelagogo

              sixelagogo, is there anything you can do with the poaching liquid when you're done with it? That would be my hesitation of poaching in red wine, as delicious as it sounds, is the idea of wasting the liquid when you're done...


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                why not make a sauce or gravy with the poaching liquid? tasty and thrifty!

            2. The eggs in tomato sauce dish is the classic Italian dish called Uova in Purgatorio.
              Basically, a spicy marinara sauce into which the eggs are dropped/poached. Deliciouso!