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May 25, 2008 11:32 PM

good Culver City restaurant open Memorial Day?

A friend and I are going to see a show at the Jazz Bakery on Monday night, Memorial day. I am in charge of finding a place to eat. Normally, this would be a job I would relish, but it seems a lot of places are closed for the holiday. Of course they should all have the day off, too, but I can't lose my reputation as a good chowhound by not coming up with a great place for dinner! So--could be Culver City or environs (I'm coming from Glendale area). Any suggestions?

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  1. Fraiche is still THE place to dine in Culver City. They are open on Mondays generally so I would imagine they would be tomorrow.

    1. Call the new Father's Office or Maybe Beacon is open. La Dijonaise has some decent food, the service sucks.

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      1. So far, no luck on these guys being open for dinner. Any other ideas? Small, perhaps something lower brow?

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          What about Metro Diner for Serbian food? Johnnie's Pastrami should meet the lower brow requirement and be open. Have you checked with Ford's Filling Station? One of my favorite Mexican / Salvadoran places, Gloria's Cafe may be open.

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            Metro Diner and Gloria's would be great choices in my book... Gloria's is all about the food and the friendly folks... Metro has that as well, add a brighter (albeit small) dining area, and the brow is raised higher on the menu...

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                I honestly don't know. I tried them for the first time last weekend and am a firm believer now. I just assumed that they'd be open since they are adjoined to the motor lodge, but you bring up a very valid point - a lot of restos take a break on Mondays... thanks...

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            A few blocks east of the Jazz Bakery (I want to say corner of Washington and little La Cienega, so about 5 blocks away, if that) is Industry Cafe and Jazz, an Ethiopian/American place with good food and friendly service. Very reasonable prices. They don't have A/C, so on a really hot evening, it's not the place to be. A block or so east of that is Brunello Trattoria, a nice homey Italian place that is also quite reasonable.

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              Not sure if they're open today, but how about Tender Greens?

              Tender Greens
              9523 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

            2. Check out Giovanni's Trattoria (excellent moderate-priced Italian-Italian, and Brasa Brazilian Grill (churrascuria, AYCE meats and salads). They're in the same mini-mall on Venice at Clarington in Culver City. It's 3-5 minutes away from the Jazz Bakery, straight east down Venice. Park on the street.