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May 25, 2008 11:19 PM

New England wedding restaurant

Hi all. Looking for a stand alone (not attached to a hotel, country club, etc) restaurant on the New England coast capable of hosting a small wedding. By small I mean less than 40 people and I would prefer somewhere that could do both ceremony and reception. I know the New England coast is a big place, but location doesn't matter. At this point, price doesn't either. Chow worthy food definitely does. Any suggestions?

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  1. Wequasett Inn in romantic, charming, Cape Coddish...very pretty and well run

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    1. re: phelana

      Is that attached to a hotel? Sounds beautiful though.

      1. re: debbie421

        Debbie- I know you said you don't want it atached to a hotel. But if you have a small hotel, then your 40 guests can stay there. Yes, Wequasset is an inn as well. This place is also an inn (small), but it is so gorgeous it will knock your socks off: Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport Maine.

    2. May want to look into Wentworth by the Sea, owned by Marriott, in Portsmouth, NH.

      1. It's not on the ncoast but if you head inland to the brookfields there is the salem cross inn. That is classic new england under one roof.

        1. The Camden/Rocport/Rockland Maine area has several wonderful restaurants that would fit a small to medium wedding party: Primo, Natalies, Youngtown Inn or Hartstone Inn (they are all on the web) plus you would have Penobscot Bay in the background. Some of the smaller restaurants would probably fit you in (Francine's, Amalfi's, Cafe Miranda, Ephemere).

          If you are looking for the highest "top-end" restaurant, The White Barn in Kennebunkport is probably it. More suggestions are at:

          1. Has anyone heard of Circadia Bistro? Or The Regatta? Or Old Yarmouth Inn? Would love to hear some chow reviews on these.....

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              We had my parents' 50th wedding anniversary at Circadia a few years ago and it was great. Good food, sunny room.

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                Forgot to ask about Chillingsworth as well.

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                  If you're asking about the Regatta in Cotuit, it's very nice, although new ownership has taken over since last year and I've yet to try it. Nice old Captain's home and it's always been considered one of the best the Cape has to offer. The Old Yarmouth Inn was renovated last year and although the room is nice, the food doesn't nearly live up to it's price tag. They do a decent brunch however. You may also want to look at The Red Pheasant down the road on 6A in Dennis.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    Regatta has great food but odd rooms..various rooms and sizes. The exterior really needs a coating of paint. OY Inn - yuck. Chillingsworth, no one I know nor have I tried it.

                    I suggest you pick a state or island and focus are going to be exhausted from so much research. Choose Maine, or Cape Cod or an island and then work from there.

                    1. re: luci

                      Good point! Right now I am leaning towards Cape Cod, but would also look at Martha's Vineyard.