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Best microbreweries in the bay

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Looking for advice on the best microbreweries in the bay (particularly on the peninsula). Having hit the anchor, pyramid etc hotspots i wondered which of the smaller breweries I just can't afford to miss.

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  1. Recent thread on beers in Bay area.

    1. Steelhead in Burlingame has the best beer of the brewpubs I've been to on the Peninsula. They have two hand pumps.

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        Robert, all due respect, but the OP said "microbreweries" not brewpubs. Microbreweries bottle and sell beer, Anchor and Pyramid are two fine examples. I love em all and am particularly fond of the OTIS now on tap and soon to be in the bottle at another penninsula brewpub, Firehouse in Sunnyvale. OTIS is a very limited Imperial Stout that was casked in an old bourbon barrel.



      2. On the coast, I like Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. I know that it's a brewpub, but they bottle (and serve on tap) their Mavericks Ale and serve their other very good brews on tap.


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          Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
          390 Capistrano Rd., Princeton, CA 94019

        2. I used to like the Magnolia Pub on Haight, specifically their Stout of Circumstance and Proving Grond IPA.

          It's possible they're still closed for remodeling though.

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            Very recent thread.