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May 25, 2008 10:05 PM

If you had time for one lunch in St Louis...

My husband and I will be coming into St Louis from Chicago for a Tom Waits show, staying the night, and hanging out until mid afternoon the next day (Friday). Where should we have lunch? We are both open to any cuisine (ranging from diner to haute). The show is at the Fox theatre and we are staying downtown, right next to the train station. We won't have a car, so something nearby would be great. Anyone?

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  1. Pho Grand Restaurant-you can look at menu online-everything is fantastic.
    Blueberry Hill-great burgers.
    Crown Candy Kitchen-great old time sandwich shop, best chicken salad and BLT's.

    1. Anthony's Bar, elegant and tasty near Busch Stadium.
      10th St. Italian, great meatball sandwiches near Jones Dome
      Kitchen K, eclectic, near Jones Dome
      The station is not really a couple of blocks from most major stuff; figure a 10-block walk, at least, for anything beyond ho-hum.

      1. For one of my *own* favorite lunches in St. Louis, you'd have to travel away from downtown, I'm afraid. Both Lemons and Jwagne03 have fine suggestions, though Lemons' are much closer to your hotel.

        If you only get one shot at an enjoyable lunch, though, I'd take Metro to the Central West End, walk 7 blocks up Euclid to Maryland, and settle into a patio table at Bar Italia, both for the food and for the people watching.

        1. A short taxi ride from Union Station will put you at Eleven Eleven Mississippi. My very fussy sister-in-law called it a "near perfect restaurant".

          And, for breakfast, I suggest The White Knight - a 1920's hygenic restaurant on the corner of 18th and Olive.