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May 25, 2008 10:02 PM

Tips for grinding walnuts, pls?

I'd appreciate some advice on grinding walnuts.

As a surprise for their moving-away party, I'm about to make a friend's secret family recipe for Syrian-style baklava, I think they actually call it baklawi. [The secret was shared, as we are friends of thirty years, and our families are very close, so extended family.]

I haven't made it in years, and have had some trouble grinding nuts lately -- I have a hand grinder that chops nuts, but probably a little too coarsely for good baklava, which I've used before. The Cuisinart makes such uneven grind unless I grind very fine.

Any tips or suggestions?


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  1. Try placing them in a large plastic baggie. Remove air-seal-and hit it with a roller. That way you have total control.

    1. I put them in a food processor and pulse them a short time. Bakalava does not require finely chopped walnuts.

      1. Once nuts are toasted, the flat side of your largest knife quickly smooshes them; faster than actually chopping them with the sharp edge. Keep towels or something around the edge of the cutting board to keep them from flying off. This works particularly well with toasted peacans, but I've never had a problem with walnuts in the Cuisinart.