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May 25, 2008 09:02 PM

Willamette Valley Wines: Memorial Weekend 2008- Where did you go?

I'm curious as to where other patient 'hounds went this weekend, and what you thought.

My four:
Sokol- Blosser: busy, asked for my ID three times, wines were so-so. No purchases or finds.
Argyle: Fun, out of Brut (sad!), visited their winery shed (cool!) and bought the Brut Rose, along with the 2006 Pinot Noir.
Rex Hill: Yuck. Should not have gone here. Expensive tasting fee for not-so-nice wines.
Ponzi (Beaverton): not bad, bought a bottle of the 2007 Rosato. One of the only Roses that I like.

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  1. With the price of gas topping $4, I stayed home. Am enjoying a Torii Mor Temperance Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir though!

    1. I went and had a great time! We were only there for one day (Sunday - what awesome weather!), but made it to four wineries. We inteded to go to Domaine Drouhin, not realizing that they don't want visitors during Memorial Weekend. That left us a bit irritated, but we moved on and decided to visit Domaine Serene.

      Domaine Serene: Surprisingly, I didn't find their Pinots to be anything stellar, but I did enjoy a Syrah they source from the Rogue River. Old World Style and, to me, quite delicious.
      Torii Mor: We had a great time; they had many wines to taste, in which many were single vineyard wines. I also enjoyed their incredibly affordable Pinot Gris. We ended up purchasing a couple of the Pinots (Olson Old Vines and La Colina?) and joined the wine club. My only complaint is that we still paid for the tasting even though we joined the club.
      Shea: They only had two current releases to taste. They were good, but I had a lot of trouble really tasting the wines because of the smell in the tasting room (which is cleary their winemaking facility). It was a combination of wood and paint (I'm not in construction, so I can't be sure), but it really interfered with my ability to smell the wine, which deadened some of the flavors. We had fun tasting some of their future release wines, especially the Homer. I wanted to purchase the current release Homer, but they'd already run out! Very sad.
      Adelsheim: They had a special event - $25 for seven wines and small bites to accompany (or was it six?). We arrived just before a tour bus of boisterous people, so it was a bit of a harried experience. We enjoyed the wines, but thought the tasting fee was a bit steep, even though small bites were included. I really enjoyed their 2007 rose and the Elizabeth's Pinot Noir. Beyond that, I found everything else okay.

      All in all, lots of fun!

      1. We just hit three vineyards-but had a great time. The weather was good on Saturday afternoon, and we got to leave the kids for the day :)
        -Cherry Hill-gorgeous setting, decent wines. $10 tasting fee, refunded with the purchase of a bottle. Hardly any snacks, which was a bummer, as it was our first stop in the early afternoon and we could've used some food.
        -Van Duzen-another beautiful spot, no tasting fee, great food...and some really, really fabulous Pinot Noirs. Bought a bottle, and one of their Pinot Noir port-would've loved to buy several of their high end stuff but $50 a bottle is out of our price range.
        -Left Coast-also beautiful, brand new. $10 fee included glasses and decent food. Wines were only OK-only picked up one bottle here.