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May 25, 2008 08:54 PM

beef chow fun

Who has the best beef chow fun (or chao fen) in Boston/Cambridge? I have a craving after trying superb versions of the dish at Orient Express in Pittsburgh and Joe's Peking Duck in Marlton, NJ. I was hoping to find a beef chow fun as good or better in Boston. I was disappointed with the one from Changsho in Cambridge -- the beef tasted plain and looked grey.

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  1. I'm so addicted to the beef chow fun at Kantin in the Super 88 food court in Allston that I actually very rarely eat it, because when I do, I go on these binges where I have it for lunch three times a week.

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      Kantin is generally good and I like their chow fun and their noodle soups a lot. They don't over-sweeten their food and their shrimp filled dumplings are excellent.

    2. I love the brisket chow fun from King Fung in chinatown. So deliciously beefy tasting!

      1. The one I like the most is at Penang in Chinatown. Yum!!

        1. Depending on which type of beef chow fun you mean, I find many of the Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown do a good version here. If you prefer the kinds with sauce, I like East Ocean City's. If you prefer the no sauce, then I've had good versions at lots of places including Peach Farm, any of the major "big restaurants" (Big Fish, Emperor Garden, China Pearl, etc.)

          1. How 'bout FuLoon in Malden. All their chow fun is delicious.