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May 25, 2008 08:42 PM

5 days in New York--where to start?

We arrived today, Sunday. Ate at Ben and Jack's steaks. goes on for best steak..and where we can get in with no advance reservations. Where are the best bagels? What areas are stimulating food areas?

Thanks chowhounds!

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    1. re: misnatalie


      I really appreciate the help! We are trying to get either to Peter Lugar, Strip Club or Sparks for steaks.

      We had a nice light after theater dinner at Mama Pia tonight. Otherwise, it's been a bit dire. Grabbed salads from Dean and Deluca today while we went on the Circle Line.

      We hope the next three days are more successful. We have reservations for Prune and Grandisca. Not into super trendy restaurants, because we have them in San Francisco. Our reservations are subject to change if someone has negative feedback.

      We want to try Katz, Patisserie Claude and pizza. now I'm totally confused about where to go if we have one shot for the best pizza.

      Thanks again.

      1. re: barbecue

        Definitely do Lugars. Patisserie Claude, best croissants hands down, but don't get there too late in the day they run out fast sometimes. Pizza is a tough one depends on who you ask and how you like it. I'm sure many would disagree but my favorite slice of regular pizza is Joe's at 7 Carmine street. Can't go wrong with Katz. I've never been to Grandisca or Prune. Good luck

        1. re: misnatalie


          Just wanted to thank you for recommendations. Never got to Lugars, but I'll definitely be back. Tried Joe's pizza. wonderful crust! Prune was excellent--great desserts; Gradisca was good, too-though a bit too much into presentation. Their ravioli was delicious but not cooked enough. Our last meal was Cafe con Leche out on west 79th and Amsterdam. Actually, I should say our last meal was at Todd English's new restaurant out at JFK. Big prices, huge portions. Only been open four weeks, so still working the kinks out. At least it was nice to get some quality food before our flight.
          thanks again.

          1. re: barbecue

            I'm glad you had some good eats while in town. There is an interesting tread about some ny steakhouses you might want to look at for your next trip.