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Lookin for the best taco truck

I see 'em around...never had the guts to try one...now, I am ready.

any suggestions? San Fernando Valley preferred, but I will go as far as LA if the accolades point that way.



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  1. In the San Fernando Valley, Tacos La Fonda is a truck that parks at nights at the car wash at the corner of Vineland and Vanowen. All tortillas are handmade, the salsas are great, and the meats are usually excellent. I always go for the asada and, if it is available, the chorizo. The al pastor is quite goos, as well.

    1. Your best bet is to consult The Great Taco Hunt blog: http://tacohunt.blogspot.com You'll find everything you want there. It hasn't been updated since last year, but it's still very useful for most neighborhoods around town.

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        I used to follow his blog actively but it wasn't updated for a while. Looks like the recent rumble in LA County Sups meetings has fired him up again. Even still, his blog is a great reference for sourcing great tacos...

      2. taco zone. get the suadero. on alvarado, in front of the Vons by Glendale Blvd.

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          2nd, I'm partial to the carne asada. very healthy compared to other taco trucks IMHO

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            I "third" Taco Zone. North of Sunset Blvd (on Alvarado). I'd die without it... and wish they would jar and sell their red sauce.

          2. There is on at night on Barry and Santa Monica in West LA that is really good

            1. My favorite taco truck is located at the Southwest corner of La Brea and Olympic and operates Monday through Saturday starting around 7 PM.

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                El Chato. This is my favorite, namely for their al pastor which is fantastic.

              2. Here is my ode to Highland Park: El Pique on York and Ave. 53 and La Estrella on York and Ave. 54. The La Estrella truck on Figueroa north of York is also very good. I love the carnitas, al pastor, and lengua at all of these.

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                  I second hpcat's ode. :)

                  BTW hpcat, have you been to El Pique recently? I swung by around 11:00 a.m. 2 weeks ago (they've always told me they serve from 10:00 a.m. through Midnight or 2:00 a.m. (I forgot which)), but the truck was gone! :( I hope they didn't fall victim to the new LA Anti-Taco Truck law.

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                    just tried el pique - the carne asada was so juicy i wrecked my shorts and a good chunk of side walk.

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                      Hey blackbookali,

                      Ah cool, phew! Seems like they must've gone away that one day I visited for some reason. Glad to hear they're back.

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                      I picked up some al pastor at the York&54 Estrella last night. They smelled wonderful (an odd clovey-anisey smell), but the meat was pasty and unappetizing. Drowning them in salsa helped a little.

                    3. If you couldn't tell from the responses in this thread so far, there really is no "best" taco truck. They're mostly pretty similar. It is no coincidence that every person's favorite is also the taco truck that is on their route home after a night of drunken debauchery.

                      Mine is El Taquito Mexicano on Fair Oaks in Pasadena.

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                        Ya, I gonna be checking out La Fonda tomorrow nigh, its about 5 min from me. the others will take a considerable drive and with the price of gas these days, gonna be hard justifying huinting for tacos away from SFV...

                      2. Give El Matador a try, on Western and Lexington, great pastor tacos. Also, make the trip to El Pique if you get the chance, it's definitely worth it.

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                          Love your CH name :) - So where have you had the best Al Pastor Tacos in LA? El Matador on Western & Lexington? Or elsewhere? Thanks!

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                            well, it really depends. The Al Pastor at El Taurino on Hoover has a delicious flavor and a pulled pork consistency that is super-unctuous, but I do miss the crispy, chewy texture of the spit roasted variety. I hear that on the weekends, El Taurino has a truck in their parking lot that does have Al Pastor on a spit, and I've heard only good things. For the meantime, El Pique, El Matador and even Taco Zone had some really tasty, crispy style Pastor tacos.

                            I'm glad you like the name. It was embarrassing to call my wife and start talking about this 'taco truck we haven't tried here on hyperion, they must have great pastor tacos... oh, its got a funny name, and it's got bible quotes...oh wait a second... not a taco truck."