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Great pulled pork bbq to take home?

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Hi All,
I live in West Chester, but distance isn't a matter. I have 2 kids graduating and need catered/take out pulled pork BBQ for the party. I would make it myself but I am outof town the whole week before......... Any ideas?

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  1. If you can't find a place closer to you, Sweet Lucy's in NE Philly is an option.


    1. I wonder if the Brandywine Picnic Park's catering company would do that. It's worth a phone call.

      1. Definitely check out the cart location for the party date- in Limerick & Phoenixville often. However, they also do cater. Good stuff if you can't make it yourself.


        **if your plan is to just go to the location be careful- they do run out!

        1. Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions! I am going to get nice and fat checking them out:)

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            Firehouse BBQ in Kennett does pulled pork and does catering. I love it but seem to be in the minority here... http://www.firehousebbqcompany.com

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              Hi Bluehensfan
              Went to the Kennett Square location and it was fabulous!

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                You're welcome. It's usually pretty good there!

          2. Check out Tommy Gunn's on Ridge Ave in Manyunk...they cater and the BBq is pretty decent

            1. How about Mabel's bbq? Located in West Chester on Market Street. No seating, only take out.

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                I love Mabel's! But they charge $12.75 a pond which is mire than double from other places.......It just doesn't sit right.........
                But thanks for your suggestion!

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                  Ha! I'm an idiot! The other prices were per person, not per pound. The going rate spans $5 to $12.75.

              2. I would suggest you try Hood's BBQ in Unionville. They always have pulled pork which is excellent, and on weekends they have brisket, ribs and chicken, all of which are also excellent. Their rolls, homemade BBQ sauce, cole slaw and other salads are homemade and are great. A one-stop BBQ joint--ENJOY!!!!

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                  Where, exactly, is Hood's BBQ?

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                    Hood's is on Route 82; the left side if you are going north, just before where Route 842 turns left. It was BJ's Sandwich Shop before.

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                      I go up that way from time to time, and I never even noticed. How long has it been there? Based solely on the name, I have a feeling my daughter knows the owners fairly well.

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                        I still can't find that place - I have driven by 3 or 4 times and don't see any sign - where is it in relation to the firehouse and pet food store?

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                          e-mail Gorp512 - ribsbbq@gmail.com. It is his business and he can hook you up.

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                            I found it - other side of 842. A little disappointed in pulled pork sandwich. No smoke flavor, drenched store brand BBQ sauce.

                    2. I haven't had it myself, but have heard rave reviews about Pig Out in Delaware County, if you're interested I can find out which town specifically, although you'd probably find it pretty easily just googling.

                      1. Corropelese in Limerick.

                        1. I am sure the folks at Satchmo's in Collegeville can put a few butts on the smoker for you. How many people are you expecting?

                          1. Tommy Guns: I was so disappointed in their food, esp. their ribs

                            1. I would vote for Mabelle's as well. I'm more of an Italian style pork sandwich person but their pulled pork is GREAT!

                              1. Jimmy's BBQ in Frazer has a great product and I am pretty sure it is available in larger catering quantities.


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                                  I agree with the vote for Jimmys . I think it is best pulled pork in the area...

                                2. Try Blooming Glen Pork and Catering, 1248 Rt 113, Blooming Glen, PA 18911 215-257-2710. They run a Saturday BBQ at their place but have a retail store where you can buy all their great pulled pork the rest of the week.

                                  You can read about my excellent experience at http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....

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                                    I agree with Peter. Blooming Glen Caterers has excellent food, and you can check them out on line.

                                    You could also check out Rosey's BBQ in Jenkintown, but that is a bit further.

                                  2. FWIW, the OP is a year old.

                                    1. Shredded pork at Sessano's in Norristown is the best I have ever had. It is Italian style not BBQ...but trust me it is incredible. Also has great meatballs and good rolls. We have purchased take out for parties there. At Markley St and Johnson Highway intersection. Right near where the old Ports of the World used to be. Very nice people in the shop also.

                                      1. Try the Duck Deli in New Britain just west of Doylestown. They have their own wood burning pit and focus on Carolina BBQ. Worth the trip

                                        1. kathi you could always have went to Satchmos in cvollegeville pa they cater it is located on 315 Main St Collegevile PA 19426

                                          Main St Bar & Restaurant
                                          1130 W Main St, Valley View, PA 17983

                                          315 E Main St, Collegeville, PA 19426