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May 25, 2008 07:06 PM

Mad Dawgs in Lowell, MA?

Just got done watching the Phantom hot dog special and was wondering about Mad Dawgs in Lowell. I am pretty sure I will be hung over tomorrow and a hot dog sounds great. At the age of 13, I started working at a Chicago Style hot dog place in Illinios so you can say I grew up on hot dogs.

Mad Dawgs looks good,,,,any chow thoughts on the place? Can I get fries there? The online menu does not list any sides.

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  1. It's Bad Dawgs. I haven't been, but noticed mixed reviews elsewhere, especially as regards flimsy rolls dissolved by the toppings. Do post your opinion once you've been!

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      Drove down to Lowell and the place was closed (Memorial Day). It really bummed my day but what can you do....

    2. If it's anything like the one in Keene, NH (and I'm assuming that all franchise locations use the same hot dogs, menu, toppings, etc), it's not worth the time.

      As a frequent visitor of the hot dog joints around here, I consider myself to be somewhat of a "connoiseur" as much as one can be a connoiseur of hot dogs). I was very impressed by the wide assortment of options, and the clever idea of naming them all after different dog breeds. However I found the hot dogs themselves to be very, very bland and run-of-the mill. They are not natural casing, and are very salty. I know that sodium content is usually high in dogs of any kind, but to me, if you are going to toute "gourmet" hot dogs they should at least be natural casing. The toppings far outshine the dogs at this place, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

      Oh well, each his own. If you ever get to Bad Dawgs in Lowell when it is open, I hope you have better luck.

      1. saw the posting for bad dawgs in lowell . so we took a ride down . have to say was impressed with the place . wonder place service was great, clean place prices were reasonable they gave me options as to how i wanted my dawgs cooked ,steamed or grilled . took them grilled so many toppings could not decide only place i could sit down on nice day and have a cold beer fries and a dawg other than a ball field lol lol . i would recommend to go down and try