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Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Where's the good coffee? I've heard a large percentage of the coffee coming into the U.S. comes thru New Orleans, but I have trouble finding a decent cup much less a good macchiato or cappuccino. I like the cold brewed coffee from PJ's and the cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde is good, but I'd love some recs for good drip and good 'pulls'. The only decent espresso I've found is at Fair Grinds (2 out of the 3 times at least).

Where's the best espresso in town?

Are there any restaurants or bakeries in town harboring good baristas?

Also, does anyone know a good warehouse / outlet to buy beans?

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  1. I'm not sure if this is going to help but it won't hurt to try.
    befor the storm I worked at La Boucherie Coffee house on the conner of Conti and Charters.339 to be exact. The drinks there are good. on top you could specify how you want your drink.
    Esspresso: ask for a 10 sec pour
    Bakery: we actually got our pastries from Croissant D'oir. Thats on Ursline and Charters I believe. But you do better going there the LB because you will get it cheaper. They are a cafe' too but they coffee sucks.
    Beans... La boucherie sells their beans, but there is this place called the coffee house brewery ( it think thats the name) I know they sell theirs but not sure if the prices are good.

    1. New Orleans isn't about finding a Barista. There is good coffee everywhere. We use a small roaster Try Me Coffee. New Orleans Coffee Roasters is good as well. Give them a call and find out some of the outlets they supply.

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        Everywhere?? Like the new McRoast?

        I'll try N.O. Coffee Roasters, thanks.

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          Get real. Enjoy your Mcwhatever with it.

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          >>> New Orleans isn't about finding a Barista. There is good coffee everywhere. <<<

          Good coffee is not the same as good espresso. I'm not a local, but I do visit New Orleans regularly (1-2 times a year, both pre- and post-K). There ARE a number of places to get not merely good, but GREAT coffee . . . but, FWIW, an excellent ristretto has been extremely elusive.

        3. New Orleans isn't about finding the newest Barista. Its not about finding a good Espresso Pull. That is from somewhere else. There is good coffee everywhere. We use a small roaster, Try Me Coffee. New Orleans Coffee Roasters is good too. Give them a call and find out who they supply.

          1. Sucre' actually has good espresso, and they've been consistently good. I'm also a coffee freak, and my biggest complaint about the coffee shops is that they are very inconsistent. Like a previous poster said, New Orleans Roasters has some good coffee. We get it by the pound at Zara's. However, it's still tough to beat Community Dark Roast. I use it (and occasionally N.O. Roasters) as daily coffee in my espresso machine.

            1. I know a guy at New Orleans Coffee Roasters (you can buy coffee from them online, or directly from the warehouse for a bit cheaper), and he said one time that the best baristas in the city are at Zotz. I don't go there much these days because of the smoke, but I've always liked the cappucinos.

              I've also been enjoying the lattes from the Whole Foods on Vets, but I don't claim to be a connoisseur. :)

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                Awesome! That's exactly what I'm looking for a roaster's warehouse where you can get a pound of beans fresh and cheap. I've never been to Zotz. Thanks for that rec, too.

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                  That's the one I meant! Thanks cg.

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                    These folks (NO Coffee Exchange) are super nice. At the warehouse in St. Rose (just past Kenner), they'll make you a (shot, cup, etc) of whatever you'd like before you buy.

                2. For a cup, an acquaintance has recommended Kahve Coffee Shop 2001 Royal Street (at Touro) in the Marigny for good espresso.

                  1. Anyone heard of St Francis De Sales Coffee House‎ on 2nd street?
                    Still open?

                    1. Coffee Roasters of New Orleans/Orleans Coffee supplies La Boucherie, Z'otz, Zara's, Kahve, Sucre, LaDivina, and most of the independent coffee shops in the city.

                      P.S. The SCAA specifies that a shot of espresso be pulled for 20-30 seconds, not 10.

                      1. UPDATED REQUEST:

                        Major repairs are continuing to the Crescent City, but each trip I've made to New Orleans since the tragedy of Katrina has revealed both improvements to the region's condition, as well as frustrating stagnation and inexplicable delays to much-needed repairs. I'm heading back for my fourth (fifth?) post-K trip next month, and thought it best to inquire from those more in touch than I where the good espresso is these days . . .

                        While not espresso, a visit (or two) to Café du Monde for coffee and bengeits is a must. And last time I was there, I had a surprisingly good espresso at the CC Community Coffee House located at 941 Royal, in the Quarter. OTOH, some people have sworn by PJ's Coffee and Tea, and I've never been impressed.

                        Anything in the CBD or the Quarter is a "first" priority, since it will be walking distance from our hotel (International House), but our travels take us all over the city and through southern Louisiana.


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                          My daily is 4 shots of espresso over lots of ice, no sweetner, I actually (GASP!) love Starbucks Espresso or CC's (community coffee) on Esplanade........Local ground coffee I I buy Cafe du Monde coffee and chickory

                          as a PS I am a native and lifelong resident, and considering how much of the city drowned 3 years ago, things for the most part are much better IMO.

                        2. Just found this company the other day at the mid city farmers market. Bean's Coffee Co. It is the first coffee that I have had in over a year that has been worth drink here. www.beanscc.com, they deliver and are a local small business.

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                            Sadly, that link is to a non-existent site.

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                              just a bad URL. you need to remove the comma. here:


                          2. There are plenty of good shops in town to get a great shot. Here's a few to try Fuel , La Divina and Sucre on Magazine St, Bean Gallery on Carrolton, Magazine Perks also on MAgazine Toute de Suite on Algiers Point, Nice Dreams (formerly Nola Java) on Canal St., Orange Couch on Royal, Coffea on Dauphine, Sounds Cafe on Chartres, First Cup on Calhoun, Cafe Luna on Nashville Cafe Envie on Decatur ..... the list goes on. Drive around there is a coffee shop on almost every street in New Orleans,

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                              Just to get the point across, here's some more: Still Perkin on Prytania, Black Coffee. com on Bayou Rd, any of the Puccinos, Zot'z on Oak (just to reaffirm the comment from above), and Fairgrinds on Ponce deLeon,.

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                                La Divina's my favorite shot of espresso these days (other than home!)

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                                  Home is the problem, isn't it -- it's too good at home. I'm seriously considering bringing a lever machine and grinder with me next month . . .

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                                    I second that. La Divina on Magazine makes consistently perfect espresso, with luscious crema. I brought an Italian foodie friend there during Mardi Gras; he was loving the food, but had been grumpy about the lack of good espresso in town. When we went in, he asked Carmelo (who was, thankfully, working that day) how the espresso was, with a sceptic's tone and his strong Italian accent. Carmelo replied, quietly, that he thought his was the best in town. My friend was practically swooning over his ristretto, chatted with Carmelo in Italian for twenty minutes, and went back every day until his departure. Meanwhile, I was sampling their extra virgin olive oil gelato - completely divine, reminding me that olives are fruit, after all. Also, though I'm veering far off from espresso, their Steen's syrup with bacon (yes!) gelato is sinfully good. Yum.

                                    I also like the espresso at Angelo Brocato's, but I have to say that I prefer La Divina - both their espresso and the gelato. Heresy, I know.

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                                      FYI, La Divina's coffee is custom blended & roasted by Orleans Coffee Exchange.

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                                    It isn't that there are no coffee houses in New Orleans and environs -- no one is saying there are no coffee houses/espresso bars in town -- rather, it's the quality of the coffee IN them that's been found wanting (at least by me) on past visits. I've tried Zot'z and Bean Gallery, and of course PJ's and CC. I've been to Fuel three times -- closed each time, but I'll try again when I'm in town in a couple of weeks. But I'm ever hopeful . . .

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                                      I have lived in New Orleans for several years, and, sadly , I must agree that decent coffee is sorely lacking here. The best cup of coffee that I have had, in and around the Marigny/French Quarter/Uptown region, is at Stanley. It is a pretty decent cup of coffee. So decent, that I will walk past many coffee shops on my way to work and go out of my way for it...

                                2. I love the coffee at Huevos. I don't know what it is...but it sure is good.

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                                    Try-Me Mills French Roast. Delicious. If you ask, they'll sell you some.

                                  2. I had one of the iced coffee drinks at Cafe du Monde and it was yummy. I can't wait to get another.

                                    1. Loved Coffea at 3218 Dauphine St the last time I was in town...

                                      1. CC's coffee house... retail arm of Community Coffee. Better service than Starbucks. Coffee has generally been pretty good

                                        1. Cafe DuMonde : 800 Decatur Street est. 1862
                                          café au lait, French-style beignets. New Orleans style, the coffee is blended with chicory!
                                          History and delish-ness!

                                          1. The best used to be on Decatur Street and was called Kaldis but it closed a while back. Right now if I want a "Better than Starbucks experience" I go to Pacinos which is in Metairie La near the Lakeside mall.

                                            1. The best cup of coffee I have ever had in New Orleans was served at Court of the Two Sisters. After asking the wait staff, I found it is distributed straight out of New Orleans. They serve Mild with Chickory and receive it from Try Me Coffee Mills on France St. I have never before drank four cups straight, but that day, sitting there with my friend after a long flight in, we knew we had stumbled upon something special. The first drink of that coffee provoked a moment of silence, then a dual response of looking at each other with wide eyes, saying "Now, THAT'S good coffee." I have drank coffee from most places in the city and absolutely nothing compares. I now am able to have a little bit of NOLA with me everyday even though I live out of state. I have sampled their French Roast with Heavy Chickory and also the Toasted Southern Pecan, both are absolutely wonderful. I will be purchasing some of this coffee for local restaurant owners to increase visibilty for Try Me Coffee Mills. Six years from now I plan to open the doors to my own establishment in New Orleans, I will serve my clients nothing but Try Me Coffee. I will be a loyal customer for life.

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                                                Try Me is also available at other locations, including Huevos on Banks St. You can pick up coffee from the Mill, and you can even request special blends of your own. It's a very cool place.

                                                4408 Banks St, New Orleans, LA

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                                                  I read this post before visiting New Orleans and took people's advice! I would restate/suggest again that the coffee at La Divina is the best coffee (they have stores on Magazine Street and in the French Quarter). The only issue is they don't open until 11am at either location, so if you need coffee in the morning you will have to try elsewhere. They also went out of their way on Magazine Street to locate a local bookstore for us, by one staff member calling his wife, very sweet and friendly.

                                                  For a earlier morning coffee, or if you want coffee and breakfast, I would suggest the espresso or latte at Stanley's in the French Quarter. While not as good as La Divina, it was pretty good and not bitter.

                                                  I also discovered that a group called SNOB - Society of New Orleans Barista's is working on improving coffee in New Orleans. See this cute blog story: http://nojuju.blogspot.com/2009/12/es...

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                                                    I believe the coffee used at Stanley is Community. I don't know what blend though.