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May 25, 2008 06:45 PM

Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Where's the good coffee? I've heard a large percentage of the coffee coming into the U.S. comes thru New Orleans, but I have trouble finding a decent cup much less a good macchiato or cappuccino. I like the cold brewed coffee from PJ's and the cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde is good, but I'd love some recs for good drip and good 'pulls'. The only decent espresso I've found is at Fair Grinds (2 out of the 3 times at least).

Where's the best espresso in town?

Are there any restaurants or bakeries in town harboring good baristas?

Also, does anyone know a good warehouse / outlet to buy beans?

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  1. I'm not sure if this is going to help but it won't hurt to try.
    befor the storm I worked at La Boucherie Coffee house on the conner of Conti and Charters.339 to be exact. The drinks there are good. on top you could specify how you want your drink.
    Esspresso: ask for a 10 sec pour
    Bakery: we actually got our pastries from Croissant D'oir. Thats on Ursline and Charters I believe. But you do better going there the LB because you will get it cheaper. They are a cafe' too but they coffee sucks.
    Beans... La boucherie sells their beans, but there is this place called the coffee house brewery ( it think thats the name) I know they sell theirs but not sure if the prices are good.

    1. New Orleans isn't about finding a Barista. There is good coffee everywhere. We use a small roaster Try Me Coffee. New Orleans Coffee Roasters is good as well. Give them a call and find out some of the outlets they supply.

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        Everywhere?? Like the new McRoast?

        I'll try N.O. Coffee Roasters, thanks.

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          Get real. Enjoy your Mcwhatever with it.

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          >>> New Orleans isn't about finding a Barista. There is good coffee everywhere. <<<

          Good coffee is not the same as good espresso. I'm not a local, but I do visit New Orleans regularly (1-2 times a year, both pre- and post-K). There ARE a number of places to get not merely good, but GREAT coffee . . . but, FWIW, an excellent ristretto has been extremely elusive.

        3. New Orleans isn't about finding the newest Barista. Its not about finding a good Espresso Pull. That is from somewhere else. There is good coffee everywhere. We use a small roaster, Try Me Coffee. New Orleans Coffee Roasters is good too. Give them a call and find out who they supply.

          1. Sucre' actually has good espresso, and they've been consistently good. I'm also a coffee freak, and my biggest complaint about the coffee shops is that they are very inconsistent. Like a previous poster said, New Orleans Roasters has some good coffee. We get it by the pound at Zara's. However, it's still tough to beat Community Dark Roast. I use it (and occasionally N.O. Roasters) as daily coffee in my espresso machine.

            1. I know a guy at New Orleans Coffee Roasters (you can buy coffee from them online, or directly from the warehouse for a bit cheaper), and he said one time that the best baristas in the city are at Zotz. I don't go there much these days because of the smoke, but I've always liked the cappucinos.

              I've also been enjoying the lattes from the Whole Foods on Vets, but I don't claim to be a connoisseur. :)

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                Awesome! That's exactly what I'm looking for a roaster's warehouse where you can get a pound of beans fresh and cheap. I've never been to Zotz. Thanks for that rec, too.