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May 25, 2008 05:34 PM

Using a Tortilla Press to Make Tibetan Momos/Korean Mandus/Wrappers for Chinese Bao

Right now I would like to participate in the CBOTM but am testing new recipes for a forth coming cookbook by Andrea Nguyen, author of "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen." It is a book about Asian filled pastry, steamed, baked, savoury and sweet. While I was making a batch of Momos from Duguid and Alford's "Beyond the Great Wall" and making Tibetan Momos I mused that flattening the dough with a tortilla press before rolling it out with a rolling pin about 1" in diameter would be helpful. Somehow I could not find my tortilla press so I bought a new one. This is the way to go! Oh my this has the made the process so much more efficient.

I will no longer buy prepared gyozya or wonton wrappers. The recipe is a very simple flour and water process. The tortilla press turns out a perfect pasta round and then can be rolled thinner and is more forgiving than the prepared squares or rounds.

Tonight I am making Momos with a spicy tomato sauce, last night was a dumpling in a beef broth with some ground beef but lots of firm tofu which was a Korean recipe.

At this timer I cannot divulge any of the recipes, but if you are interested in making your own wrappers and skins, get out that tortilla press and dust it off. It is so much faster and simpler than trying to duplicate store bought skins and wrappers it is amazing.

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  1. That's a great idea! Slave labor (aka kids) and a tortilla press would be just as easy as buying wrappers, but taste 100 times better. YAY!

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      I just turned out 24 wrappers to make Bao with tonight. Over this weekend I have used this tortilla press more than I have ever used one previously. Even with the yeast raised dough for Bao it was great and a great time saver.
      Another of my testing assignments is to turn out skins for wontons and other wrappers. Andrea suggested using a pasta machine. That I have used a lot in the past but never for Asian egg doughs. I think that is going to be a great help too.

      I really wanted to give myself a dope slap for not thinking of a tortilla press in the past.

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        Are the dumpling skins from a boiling water dough? Great idea for perfect circles

        1. re: sixelagogo

          Yes, boiling water dough and placing the dough between pieces of plastic wrap before pressing

    2. I use a tortilla press for things like that, too. I have one that heats up, and I let it get warm but not hot, then press little pebble sized balls intp beautiful flat wrappers or pasta, about 4-5 at a time. The heating prevents sticking, but shouldn't be too hot as to cook the wrappers at all.

      1. Next weekend I'll be working with egg based doughs to make spring roll wrappers etc. The pasta machine will be coming out for that. I'm pleased to be doing this project, it is making me look at some of my kitchen tools in a whole new light.

        1. A tortilla press works for pie dough as well for mini muffin pans. I found a small portioner/cookie scoop that is just the right amount. Scoop, flatten, pop into muffin tin. No rerolling, no waste.

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            brilliant! what a great tortillaria is a mono-use instrument no more!