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May 25, 2008 05:02 PM


Is the weekend for it, so we tried Ruby's, craving a good baby back and it was very satisfying and the mayo potatoe salad, was like mom makes, never seen that before in rest. moms is very liquidy, with cucumbers and other veggies, normally not seen in potatoe salad, loved it felt like home. BBQ beans, hot and spicy like they claim, so tasty....overall the experince was well and so Austin with the fellow with a cut off shirt and cut off 501's, I mean who would really let a employee dress that way, keep austin wierd, gotta love it!!!

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  1. When the Mueller's on Manor closed a couple of years ago, Ruby's claimed the top spot on my Best Austin BBQ list. I love Ruby's. Great brisket, smoked chicken, and sides. (Btw, if you hear someone put "best barbecue" and "TheSalt Lick" in the same sentence, you should disregard their opinion).

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    1. Ooh, we just ate there for the first time the other night too!! I need to increase my Texas BBQ taste-cabulary (sad considering how long I've been in TX, I know) before I can compare it to other offerings; notwithstanding, it was a really enjoyable meal.

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        I myself have only been here a year and new to TX. BBQ....
        Salt Lick, I was expecting more, too much hype, neat place though.
        Rudy's-pretty good, we thought.
        Georgetown BBQ, has to be the best we have had out of above.
        But Ruby's was very good also, glad we stumbled on it and to be honest to get a nice fresh green salad there was a plus.

      2. Am a Ruby's fan also, but not as fanatical as my friend now in Phoenix, who makes an excuse to visit Austin four times a year to visit Ruby's.

        Latest issue of Texas Monthly surveys the 50 best BBQ places in Texas. Austin top score went to Mann's at 8624 Research Boulevard. Been there. It's a Mom and Pop place with excellent BBQ and sides. Note that famous places like Kreuz's and Smittys were listed under their own cities, so the Austin listings were only for Austin zip codes.

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          I though Mann's was pretty bad as far as BBQ goes. I"ve only been there once though. Iron Works is the best in the city limits - for brisket and beef ribs, at least. The chicken was really mushy the only time I've had it.


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            Good to see you posting here Sqwertz you know your food. I love those Iron Works beef ribs. Saw the Texas Monthly and I ran over to Mann's thinking I remembered something wrong. I didn't. Beef was okay nothing to write home about maybe 15th in Austin. Supposed jalapeno sausage looked and tasted like Eckrich, that's real bad for anywhere around here. I think they bought that rating. Went to the No Teeth bbq trailer at Holly St (or so) and the 35 service road today, really good beef will try there again. Texas monthly got me going and I made the trip to Lockhart Saturday. Smitty's still rules I've quit going anywhere else out there. House Park used to be the best in Austin but I can never remember to go over there when they're open.

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            I checked out the Texas MOnthly website and saw that Snow's in Lexington was their #1 pick. I asked a friend who lives there if he thinks it's the best in Texas, and he said he thinks it's very good but maybe not the best he's ever had. He highly recommended their chicken, said the brisket can be a little inconsistent, doesn't care for the sausage they use, and their sauce is too thin for his taste.

            He did say he goes early (he recommends 9:30 - 10 am) so as to get there before it sells out. (It is open on Saturday only). I'm going to ask him to get some extra for me next time he goes.

          3. House Park and Sam's deserve some respect too. No frills with either spot which is good for me (I get a little tired of the bit that the Rudy's people throw at the customers). If you have no qualms about fatty meats, try the mutton at Sam's. It's not the most refined dining experience and you may need a defibulator afterwards, but it sure tastes good. Also, Sam's is open until 3am on the weekends, or at least it used to be. This is good info for all you BBQ eaters:

            1. If you're ever in Belton (just South of Temple) be sure and try Schoepf's BBQ. It's really good and has everything expected plus great Pork Chops.