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May 25, 2008 04:56 PM

Shredded Beef Tacos

Has anyone been lucky enough to find one in area???
I am so in need of any sort of shredded beef anything, thanks!

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  1. Amaya's Taco Village has rib meat tacos that are tasty. I haven't seen any CA-style shredded beef tacos in town though. Maybe someone else has.

    1. El Rey's in the Brodie Oaks shopping center has machaca tacos (shredded beef wrapped in flour tortillas and fried - a bit like a large taquito) and, if asked, will make their taco platter (various soft/crunchy tacos and the ones mentioned above) with the machaca beef.

      That said, the last time hubby and I went - about a year ago - the quality and service had deteriorated, which was really too bad. The owner was very friendly, the waitstaff were fast and accurate, and the food was pretty good. I heard the owner sold the business. I can't say what it's like now...

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        machaca--thanks I will look for this name on menu's.

        1. re: familyof3

          machaca is usually dried beef, though. not saying that El Rey's version necessarily is, but in general machaca, or machacado, is dried, kind of like beef jerky. just saying in case you order anywhere else - unless that's what you're looking for.

      2. Believe it or not, Costco sells a tasty little shredded beef mini-taco (Don Miguel brand). They cook up quickly and crispy in the oven and while they probably aren't what you're looking for, they may be a decent snack while you search.

        1. Desebrada is a shredded beef taco-filling swimming in red chile broth. La Hacienda on E. Riverside does a great version. El Meson, when they have it, does too.