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May 25, 2008 04:05 PM

Blue Star vs. FiveStar and Blue Star Raised Griddle and Broiler

I've read a lot of good stuff here about the Blue Star cook top (no ovens). I'm looking at the 48" with the 12" raised Griddle and Salamander Broiler, any one have or use that unit? I'm trying to debate the Salamander vs. an indoor grill. The FiveStar also seems to have high output burners (21K BTU) but I can't find much on them at all. In third place at this point in time is the Wolf 48" with 4 burner a griddle and a grill. Any thoughts and opinions out there would be great. Thank you.


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  1. I have a Viking so I'm basing this solely on the info I've received from the respective web sites and my own preferences.
    The Blue star burner does not have a dedicated simmer function in each burner. They have high out put burners and dedicated simmer burners. IMO those configurations are a royal PITA .
    Five Star has dual function burners like the Viking that are 21000 BTU all the way down to 350 BTU.
    I think Five Star has to be one of the more promising products that I hope we will see more from in the future.
    A salamander does not work well as a grill. It works well to melt cheese etc but salamanders are a very specific use tool that IMO have limited use in most homes.