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May 25, 2008 04:00 PM

outdoor simple quiet in bklyn

any thoughts? don't care about price or type of food.

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  1. we were at layla jone's tonite - cobble hill - court street - and it was very quiet in the back. we had a pan of yummy spinach and mushroom pizza and 1/2 sweet sausage and it was very good and nice to sit outside. they do a very comforting bowl of pasta also. you can bring your own beer or wine.

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    1. re: redgirl

      While I agree that there backyard is nice, I would not recommend Layla Jones’ pizza. We’ve had the Plain Jane; eaten in or taken out we find their dough to be quite bland. It’s quiet back there for a reason. Chestnut has a great backyards when the weather is good.

      1. re: MShapiro

        hmmm...never had the plain jane but we had a very nice 1/2 sweet sausage (which had great flavor) and 1/2 spinach and mushrooms and it was pretty darned tasty.

        1. re: redgirl

          Their dough was very bland, almost Sysco-like. It was probably one of the blandest pizza crusts we’ve had in quite a while. IMO this stands out more in squares then for regular slices. They also were skimpy on the sauce and cheese, combine the three and you understand why I don’t recommend them. You had two toppings on your pizza so maybe that made the difference?

        2. re: MShapiro

          I disagree. We order from them at least once every couple of weeks and think its a very solid pizza. Sometimes meat toppings can be a little bit greasy. But other than that, I like both the crust and the sauce and have always felt it has a good balance of cheese that doesnt overwhelm everything else.

          That said, its not where I tend to go to have a meal 'out'. Patois has a lovely back patio. So does Lunetta.

          1. re: Nehna

            I like Layla Jones pizza, too, but relevant to the original question, my children REALLY love Layla Jones pizza, especially eating it in the backyard, where they can run around and play with impunity. So, not a great choice for a quiet, outdoor space, unless you hit it between kiddie rush times.

      2. We had a nice dinner Sat. night at Viva in Red Hook. We were planning to get take out because we had our dog, but they actually set up a second sidewalk table for us. Sullivan street was totally dead, I would bet maybe a dozen cars went through during our meal. It was very relaxing.

        We got basic "comfort food", a burrito and a chimichanga on platters fill out with rice and salad. Surprisingly, mine had a nice smoky spice to it. And it was so cheap! $30 for both of us.

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        1. re: scooter

          forgot to link

          116 Sullivan St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

        2. agree that layla jones has a great garden.
          also pane y vino on smith has a lovely outdoors (maybe not as quiet).
          for really really simple, stopped in busy chef on court street and saw their expansive, clean, quiet back terrace too. good place to sit for a while with a book.

          1. Robin de Bois on Smith St. has a a back garden that sounds like what you are looking for

            1. It looks like Marco Polo To Go on Court and Union has just opened a back garden. Their brick oven pizza has gotten good notices on chowhound. Lunetta on Smith St. also has a nice back garden.