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May 25, 2008 03:06 PM

Upcoming 3-day visit to St. Louis

A friend and I will be making another visit to St. Louis in late June, in part because last year's visit was so wonderful. Some of the places we've tried and loved: Niche, Franco, Vin de Set, 1111, the lovely little wine bar at Lafayette Sq. We will be staying at the Hyatt at Union Sta. We like all types of food, price isn't really a limiting factor, so long as it is proportionate to quality, and we prefer a fun place to a fussy or stuffy place (however, hokey chain restaurants are not my idea of fun places, and anyplace that requires a jacket is stuffy, by definition). Love an excellent cheese selection, but it's not a requirement. A good, not-overpriced winelist doesn't hurt either. We will have a car, but won't want to travel too terribly far (like not out to the suburbs). Would love some suggestions - mainly for dinner, but also breakfast and lunch ideas would be great. Thanks, in advance!

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  1. sounds like you hit some highlights. Veruca Bakeshop just opened next door to Niche. Mathew Rice, pastry chef for Niche, is at the helm. You won't be sorry you missed this place. Coffee from a local roaster, Goshen...fresh made desserts, scones, cookies and treats by Mathew. Great for breakfast on the go....The Shaved Duck is a great new place by the owners of the Scottish Arms. AMAZING BEER and great food. Excellent cheeses if I do say so myself. (my husband is their cheesemonger). The duck frites is amazing and the confit is really well done. If you like Mexican food....real Mexican street food...head down to Cherokee Street.

    1. If you are looking for fun:
      BREAKFAST - walk north three blocks on 18th Street to the White Knight - little stainless steel burger joint from the 1920's, the place where Susan Saradon was filmed being a waitress. Try to imagine fitting a camera crew in the place
      LUNCH/DINNER/ICE CREAM - - - The Fountain on Locust - an art deco fantasy with excellent ice cream and interesting food on the menu, including Polish dill pickle