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May 25, 2008 02:46 PM

Sausage in Dirty Rice

What kind of sausage do you add to your dirty rice?

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    1. Tasso is also fine if you're simply looking to add meat.

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        I couldn't find Tasso at the local market. I will be on the lookout. Thanks.

      2. My mom always used Jimmy Dean spicy bulk pork sausage and it was great.


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        1. re: forestd

          I like that stuff! I will try it the next time. Thanks.

        2. Strange... I was always under the impression that it required chicken liver. Wrong?

          1. I've never heard of using sausage in dirty rice. Chicken livers, yes, sausage, no. Where are you sausage adders from?

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            1. re: pattisue

              I say Pattisue is right. There's typically no sausage in dirty rice. Chicken liver, heart, and gizzard ground or chopped fine, and that's all as far as meat goes, unless you pull the little bits of meat off the back and/or wings. It's basically what most people throw away when they cook a whole chicken. Not to say if you add sausage, or ham, or bacon, or foie gras it won't taste good, but it would be a little odd if you're a traditionalist.

              1. re: Zeldog

                Besides the chicken livers and gizzards, I will also mix in ground beef or ground pork, mostly because my husband and son like a less livery taste. If I'm in a hurry, I use a container of Harold's Dressing mix (or Savoie's if I can't find Harold's) and mix it with a pound of browned ground beef (as well as a bunch of sauteed trinity) before adding cooked rice to the mix. Voila! Dirty rice, aka rice dressing.

                1. re: pattisue

                  Harold's Dressing Mix is DEF the best... and you can find it in Wal-Mart in the Lafayette area and on CajunGrocer website.... ENJOY!!!

              2. re: pattisue

                Lots of combinations will work, but I've always used chicken *gizzards* and *pork* liver. Pork liver is a little harder to find. Some people might say that chicken liver is cheating!