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May 25, 2008 02:03 PM

Father's Office Culver City

So I know enough has been written about the original in SM. I just went for my first time ever and really, it was a great lunch. SO and I got mushrooms, white anchovies, duck confit salad, and the burger. My take on the burger is that it's too sweet for my taste, and while it was cooked the requested medium rare right in the middle, the rest was medium. I'll order it rare next time and see if that has any bearing. It's pretty great nonetheless. Rest of the food was great, everything appropriately seasoned, especially the duck confit. We had a Great White Ale, an Allagash, a Delirium, and one other that I forget. The food and four beers came to $60 before tip, which I consider quite reasonable. We got there right at noon and there was a small line of 10 people or so, by the time we left it was completely full. Service was prompt and knowledgeable, though it's definitely a bar, not a restaurant. The downside is knowing that everytime I go to Surfas I'll probably have to head over here for a midday buzz and burger...

Edited: Doh, sorry I just now see that someone started a recent point...I'll link over there.

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