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May 25, 2008 01:37 PM

Blue Chair at Temescal Farmers Market

Don't think I've just missed her before, but there was a Blue Chair Fruit Company stand at Temescal today. Tried (and purchased) the strawberry rhubarb and the strawberry blood orange marmalade w/ rosemary. Now I need to round up some crumpets...

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  1. I bought the strawberry meyer lemon marmalade with rose geranium. Pricey but very tasty.

    1. yes, very pricey. My wife loves the stuff and we have a couple different varieties in the fridge right now. They have been there for quite awhile across from the Prather Ranch and Blue Bottle stands (with the Blue Bottle line if might be easy to miss Blue Chair).

      1. When she has it, I love the "grown-up" strawberry jam - made with drambuie. Her website mentions a webstore coming soon and lists other locations where you can find her jams, jellies, and marmalades:


        1. Yes, you must have missed her before because she's been there for a few months. I remember buying Christmas gifts from her last December.

          It is pricey, but I love some of her real seasonal concoctions. Once had a grapefruit mixed with something else that I can't remember but it was fantastic, real subtle in flavor. But since it's seasonal, you might not see it the next time you run out because she would have moved on to other flavors.

          I like that she lets you try as many as you want because I've found some that are really sweet (although she says none of hers is sweet, but to my tastes some were). I think they all look beautiful in color.

          She also started off being served for breakfast at Pizzaiolo and other restaurants before she started bottling and selling at the market.

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            Yeah...she's been there a year. Since I wrote my original post. ;-)

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              oops, didn't even notice that you wrote this a year ago. Can't believe it went a whole year without anyone replying.

          2. Btw, Blue Chair now has a website you can order from They ahve something like 52 different jams/maralades available. Also if you save the jars you can return them and after 12 returns you get a free jar (they are just starting this program).


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              I think I saw them now with a stand at the Grand Lake farmers market on Saturday as well.