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May 25, 2008 12:12 PM

Fondue Fuel- Where to buy?

I want to serve some fondue tonight at a party but I don't have any fondue fuel and I'm relatively new to this area. Does anybody know any stores around the Baltimore area that carry some sort of fondue fuel, preferably the gels variety?

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  1. You might try Williams Sonoma:

    70 Village Square
    Baltimore, MD 21210
    (410) 435-2122

    TOWSON, MD 21204
    (410) 847-9021

    1. Sorry not to get this to you in time, but just about every dollar store I've ever been in sells the fuel.

      1. A hardware store (preferably a real one, not Home Depot) is probably the best place to buy it, but it depends on what kind of burner your fondue pot has. it takes gelled fuel, you can buy Sterno at most hardware stores, "party" store, and department stores, since it's pretty common for those heated serving trays. If it has an alcohol burner and takes liquid fuel, buy denatured alcohol. The most common store brand is Paco solvent, usually sold in the paint department.

        Of course places like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table will have it, but at twice the price as a hardware store, but it's not so expensive that it's worth going very far from home for it.