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PALATE - amazing new restaurant in glendale!!

I went to the most fantastic restaurant last night. At first I was a little daunted at the idea of traveling to Glendale from Brentwood, but it literally took 25 minutes on the freeway! Palate, food and wine is a new venture by the former chef/partner of Patina, Octavio Becerra. The food was amazing!! Fresh in house churned butter, pickled peaches, fennel and cippoline onions w/an assortment of salamis and cured meats that were so spectacular, my mouth is watering again as I'm writing this. We had a "cannoli" that was so light and delicate, it really should have a new name created just for its self. The stuffed zucchini blossoms were perfect as was the evo baked tuna and tender and succulent short ribs. Each course was served with a different wine that was chosen by the sommelier - his choices were spot on, interesting, and all were wines we've never had before. I unfortunately didn't bring a menu home, but I feel confident in saying that not one entree was over $20.00!!! You can really tell that this place is a labor of love. The vibe was warm, relaxed and fun and there was a real sense of pride in everyone that worked there - from the hostess to the waitress and on down. I don't think I've had a better meal in years!!! Just had to share :) Has anyone else eaten there yet????

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      It's on South Brand Bl. in Glendale -

      Truly awesome!!

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        my server says that site doesn't exist. You sure of the addy? I thnk Palate is known amongst hounds. Never been myself.

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          Here's the site (but be warned it's still under construction).


          We've been twice since they've opened and enjoyed both dinners immensely. Can't wait until the back room opens.

          Palate Food & Wine
          933 South Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91204

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            Went in today and talked to Octavio for around 30 or so minutes, even though they were closed. Truly one innovative menu, and an even more innovative wine list.
            To wine lovers who want to try some new, yet affordable wines, hit this place before SIV does.
            I will be this week, meaning Wed or Thursday. Really is nice, and the wine shop and food/marketplace in back will be opening in the next two or so weeks.

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              Well, I actually got in last night, and what a joy it was to be offered an amuse of pickled plum with anchovy that was truly sublime, and I am NO lover of anchovy. Forget whatever you might have thought about an anchovy in the hands of this kitchen.
              Also, everything from the potted duck(mason jar) to the tartine of veggies to the scallops with cauliflower and apple were outstanding. Prices on the 3 food items were $5, $10, and $12.
              Wines offered in three different quantities, your choice, included a cotes du rhone, marc colin meursault, and grillet. Super idea of having quality wine by the glass.
              Lastly, the staff has really come together for a place only open for 2-3 weeks. Seasoned and knowledgable - what a combination, and a true testament to Octavio Becerra, the guru running around making sure everything is ok, preparing amuses, and doing whatever is necessary at any given moment.

      2. We loved it too! Super convenient from Atwater/Silverlake/Los Feliz, by the way. Had corn soup, squash blossoms, canneloni w/ artichoke & greens filling, and scallops. Also chocolate pudding. All superb. We asked for a recommendation on the white wine, ended up with a very distinctive, good sauvignon blanc from northern italy. Chose an oregon pinot noir for the 2nd, also intriguing, distinctive, and good quality if not stunning. This place has a super wine list (the wine store/bar in the back is opening in the next few days) and we loved that you can order a tasting, a regular glass, or a quartino of anything on the by-the-glass list. The staff really worked the hospitality thing, but they hardly had to--they had a respectable crowd already! This is a step or two up from Canele--let's say it is shooting to be 1/2 way between Canele and AOC. Possibly comparable to Rustic Canyon. They make their own butter, creme fraiche, salumi, pickles ... what more can you ask for? Plus they filter their own water, which is great, although $5 (for the entire evening's water) still seems a bit steep for those of us who are happy with tap water. Anyway, don't be put off by the weird location, and give it a try.

        1. The other chef, Gary Menes, is an acquaintance (actually, he's the cousin of my best friend). I enjoyed his cuisine at French Laundry, Firefly, and Eat on Sunset. Can't wait to head up there next month.

          1. I tried PALATE last night and have to say it was an incredible dining experience. I was so excited after our meal, I had to share. Amazing food. Amazing wine and cocktails (fresh from the market kumquat martini, mmmm). My girlfriend and I were asked to sit at the bar as we showed up without reservations (we went early so I didn’t think it would be an issue, but make reservations for sure if you are opposed to sitting at the bar or it’s a busy night). The bar proved to actually be a great move as we got hands-on, super attentive service from our brilliant bartender/server and occasional visits from the owner. The food was meticulously prepared. Visually beautiful and tasted amazing. We started out with the 'Porkfolio' which was one of the best meat samplers of that fashion I think I have ever had. It came with a variety of superb French mustards to accompany the meats (the lardo was exceptional). We also had the pickled ‘apriums’ which accompanied the cured meats extremely well and were sweet and tangy. I had the scallops with zucchini and mushrooms (not sure what variety of mushroom it was but they were super fresh and delicious and perfectly earthy) and my gf had the pork belly which was mind-blowing (crispy on the outside, tender, delicious melt in your mouth inside). I really can’t say enough good things about our meal and the overall experience, both of us were sort of in an afterglow of joy afterwards. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their pickled items and entrees. Everything was great and I really can’t think of a meal that left that strong of an impression on me in a long long time.

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              we were also there for the first time last night. very close to perfection. we started with a jar of potted berkshire pork...if you could milk a pig and make butter, this is how it would taste. it was glorious. we also enjoyed the porkfolio, and especially the dark french mustard made with grape must. the apriums were great with the pork. the artichoke canneloni were terrific, delicate and delish. the ricotta gnocchi with peas and i dunno what else practically hovered over the plate, they were so light. asparagus with a duck egg and brown butter was rich and beautiful to behold. the oxtail and bone marrow plate was amazing, and two of us woke up dreaming about it. we had the pork belly dish as well, and it was as the above poster described...just unctiously, porkily good. i can't remember if we had any other dishes, other than a cheese course and one chocolate pudding to share. we really enjoyed the service, both from our waiter and the sommelier. we started with a rose, and then tried the sauvignon blanc made by the sommelier (white dog) which was crisp and food friendly. when the sb was gone, we switched to his red, white dog syrah, which was lovely with the pork dishes. the space is attractive, and even though it was crowded, the noise level was pleasantly manageable. the entire experience was great, and we are already planning to return and eat our way through the menu again. a photog from the LA times was there, so prepare for the place to be a zoo for a while.
              now that our fav neighborhood place, ingredients, has closed, we will be hopping on the 2 fwy to palate frequently. really, really good.

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                Wondering if it is open for lunch/brunch on Sundays?

            2. solid for a friday night (not our fave night to dine out). a veritable who's who in the dining room. professionally managed overflow for last minute guests in the back. food was more phenom than the first visit. now it's more than solid. it's great!

              1. Your reviews prompted me to make a reservation ASAP.I am looking forward to the experience. Thanks Chowhounders. I rely on this board for valuable information and have at last joined up!

                1. Went last night and it was amazing! Had the gnocchi, baracuda with octopus, cheese plate and duck rillette. Their fresh-baked cheese bread with homemade butter was a great way to start the meal (everyone gets this, free). The wine selection was excellent, as was the service. Forgot my camera so had to use my Blackberry - if you want to see some grainy shots, here are the pics:

                  This place will definitely become a regular stop. It's everything you want a restaurant to be!


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                    We were there last night as well, Clare, and had yet another amazing dinner. We had the scallops, squash blossoms and gnocchi to start. All were perfectly cooked and sauced. We shamelessly sopped up extra sauce with the bread. In addition to the barracuda, we also ordered the canard and the pork belly. All three were winners. Our table was a flurry of activity, swapping plates, sharing bites, trading this for that. Last night was our fourth time there and I have a feeling there will be many more visits!

                    1. re: Clare K

                      can someone let me know about prices?

                      1. re: gan911

                        Porkfolio, $12; Mason jars, $5; pickles, $3; plates, $7 to $19

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                          Very reasonable wine prices as well. Bottles start at $30

                      2. we were also there last night. duck rilletes were good, but not as great as the potted pork we had the first time. i had crawfish with chile butter. a taste of new orleans. we shared gnocchi with morels and peas (delicious!), black sea bass with baby squash, and lamb with favas and baby red potatoes. all were quite lovely, tho the requested medium rare lamb was much closer to medium. all in all, we love the place. it will be a difficult reservation to get for some time to come!

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                        1. re: chez cherie

                          1. do I need reservations now for next week?
                          2. what is this i hear about 6 bucks for water? sorry, i'm a student that loves to eat, so I have to manage carefully

                          lastly, it seems that
                          933 S. Brand Blvd. is among the car dealerships...is that right? sorry, trying to arrange stuff before i come out to LA...

                          1. re: gan911

                            1. yes. we were there at 5:30 on a thursday without a res, and barely snagged seats at the bar.
                            2. yes, their water uses a natura (i think that's right) filtration system, and you get a choice of flat sparkling or (i believe) both, for a flat fee of $6 per table. as much as you want. glendale currently has a moratorium on serving tap water at restaurants, unless specifically requested by the customer. personally, i'd rather opt for the 6 bucks, if i want sparkling water, instead of a per bottle charge, where the staff seems to be rushing each bottle through in order to open another. i've been charged $6 or more per bottle on occasion, and that smarts. however, you could ask for tap, which i think is still an option.
                            yes, it is south of a couple of car dealerships, and north of several more.
                            i hope you have a wonderful experience.

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                              A $6 flat fee for as much house-filtered still or sparkling water as you can drink. I will take this over tap any day, and have experienced being charged $12 for one bottle of Perrier at other places. I thought the sparkling water had just the right amount of bubble and not overly effervescent as some mineral waters can be.

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                                idk, maybe its because i'm not from LA, but i feel like paying for water in a restaurant is a rip off...just a way to increase check averages. Maybe its perhaps that i feel bottled water is a waste anyways. But i've made my reservation and definitely look forward to the experience...

                                btw, the corkage fee is 18 bucks/btl

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                                  yes but their wine list is vast, and the wine list prices very reasonable.

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                                    I had tap water there and it tasted just fine.

                            2. We had the opportunity to go last week. I made a reservation based on the stellar reviews here. For a Monday the place was buzzing, a telling sign of the successful future this restaurant should have. As we enjoyed cocktails at the bar, I spied a familiar face. Eric from Porta Via in Pasadena is now employed at Palate. He was always so helpful at Porta Via and no doubt will enjoy working with Octavio and company. We started with the Porkfolio, clever name, and a delicious assortment indeed.it came with housemade mustards, and my favorite was the one with the grape must. Highly addictive and so flavorful. I was assured that they will be available for purchase when the wine shop opens.The pickled aprium was a first for me. Something that I really look forward to having again.We got to our table and ordered a number of plates to try. Our server was new, but delightful nonetheless. The corn soup was pure velvet in my mouth. Topped with the housemade creme fraiche and some crispy pancetta, you just can't go wrong. The asparagus with hen egg is such a great combination. We also enjoyed the scallops dish with english peas, the artichoke canelloni, though I will say mine spent a little too much time under the broiler and turned the tender handmade pasta sheet into a bit of a tough chew.The absolute hit of the night was the lamb.Absolutely decadent and memorable.The dessert of the night was a panna Cotta. I asked about the Chocolate pudding but was told there was only once dessert eing served, even though I saw several other desserts going out all around me. She did come back later with chocolate pudding in hand, and it was very much worth the wait. Smoothest dark chocolate pudding I have ever had.As with any new restaurant, there are areas in need of some fine tuning.It was apparent during our meal that the kitchen was in the weeds a bit, but understandable as the servers take orders by hand and then put them in the computer. That computer was right behind me and several times I noticed that there were many servers there at once, so I can imagine a kitchen waiting to fill orders and suddenly many coming in at once. The food didn't suffer much for this though. An occasionaly garnish left off, or a missing component of a dish were all easily and happily corrected.If I had to assign a grade for my first experience I would give an A minus, only because the usual bumps in the road still need to smooth out a bit, and given the energy and enthusiasm of the entire staff, I am certain it's already been done. We look forward to making many more reservations here. The frequently changing menu, and fabulous wine selection is a huge plus and will bring us back time after time.

                              1. We made reservations last Wednesday for Saturday evening just before the LA Times review ;) It was supposed to be four of us, but alas my friend's wife had to stay home to take care of her sick son (We missed you Wendey!) I would say this is the best meal I have had in recent memory. The quality of the produce and meat were excellent, and the dishes were all memorable. We split a number of dishes including the pickled cherries (yum), duck rillete, asparagus with Hen's egg (this was a surprise winner, and my wife's favorite), the flava beans, zucchini blossoms (my favorite). For main course we had the chicken, pork belly and beef. The chicken was cooked sou vide (sic) and was the most tender chicken I have ever had, although I would have wished for a slightly more bold sauce. I loved the pork belly, and the beef was also solid. Overall the wait staff was very good. My only complaint was the menu was needlessly confusing to the eye. They had mixed together the wine list, cheese, food and other beverages. The food had the shortest section, and they didn't separate the main courses from the side dishes. On top of that they mixed Italian, French and English willy nilly. A trivial complaint, which will not keep me from a return visit in the near future.


                                1. wevsite is still "under construction"! but I want a menu! :(

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                                      Menu is up on much more finished website: http://www.palatefoodwine.com/


                                    2. I ate there a couple weeks ago. Something very fun and very different about this place. A youthful foodie enthusiam. A little mecca in a part of town I thought was a dump, but looks surprising hip. (including some very cool - film noir-ish, divey-looking bars on the road over Los Feliz. You just imagine Harlem Nocturne in the background when you drive past)

                                      The prices are very reasonable including some very interesting wines.. There's a reading room in the back with a long table for wine tasting (and well, reading the beginning of a cookbook library). A room for cheese tastings. And a charm, decently-sized wine store. From what I remember, I had the rilletes, some kind of cold cut plate - lardon, variety of salumi, all very good. She (my date) had the fish - very good, but my chicken was, well, one of those things that really popped and I've been craving it for two weeks now. It was with (cheese?) grits. That chicken was sous vide perfect. Tender! You can cut it with the side of your fork. I'm out of town, but coming back to LA tomorrow and looking forward to returning to Palate. I'm on the Westside - and heading out around 8:30 on the 10, thru downtown, etc. - goes pretty quick if you don't make any false turns.

                                      Kudos for Ocatavio. (check out the tat of a knife on his arm.)

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                                      1. re: foodiemahoodie

                                        What do people think of the service?

                                        I didn't have a very good experience with that and have heard from other friends of similar situations. In my case, 30 minutes in between courses. 20 minute delay for 1st wine ordered (so as to miss the first course of food). Itemized bill when a pre-fixe at a set amount was ordered. Things like that...

                                        1. re: sebi

                                          Service has improved greatly. It may depend on how long ago your friends had their experiences.
                                          Trying to make all these courses work with the wine selections must be quite a challenge, in that some at the table might order some items that take longer than others, and thus holding under heat lamps is no one's idea of a good thing. The coordination must be an ongoing issue.

                                          1. re: carter

                                            All three of these experiences happened within the last 2 weeks (including my own). And wine coordination was not an issue in my case. We brought our own bottles. They knew we were wine savvy and yet the first white, which we ordered after committing to the prix-fixe, still came 20 minutes later. They even acknowledged that it was poor timing. And yet they continued to take 30 minutes (after everyone was obviously done) between food courses. We opened our own wines after the first white.

                                            There was no challenge other than being aware/consciencious of your customers.

                                          2. re: sebi

                                            I was there about 2 weeks ago and had a really not great experience, service being a huge part of that. I left w/ a bad taste and won't be back for a while but it wasn't just the service, it was some of the food too. Porcini grits w/ nary a hint of porcini flavor then become a plate of tasteless $14 grits. The coddled egg with nothing else (barely a hair of 1 asparagus spear) became a $12 egg in a jar? That being said, thought the sous vide chicken and steak were tasty as was a ravioli. But the service killed it.

                                        2. Hey Jsegal-
                                          I'm going this week and heading over after work from Westwood for an 8 p.m. res. What route did you take? I'm just trying to find the fastest way there. Thanks for the details, reawlly looking forward to it.

                                          1. Gosh, I have one weekend dinner of my birthday month left.

                                            Should I make Palate the final place?

                                            Pancakes, Pizza, Anisette and Palate? Wait, Anisette doesn't stand out, it doesn't begin with "P"! But I MUST go there!

                                            But hmmm...finishing off with Palate?

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                                            1. re: Diana

                                              Yes you should - been twice and both times very enjoyable. Keep in mind it is more smallish plates, with only about 4 or so entree-sized selections. Also, selections vary by the day and week as creativity of the kitchen staff is an ongoing whim, where everyone wins.
                                              Wine list amazing. Did not look at the beer list though.

                                              1. re: Diana

                                                Diana, you are hilarious! I, too, enjoy a birthday "festival" (every April) and yeah, you *do* have to stagger the gastronomic delights over a few weekends to really savour the experiences and elude overload or fatigue.

                                                My darling guy turns the big 5-0 this month. So far I have Hatfield's booked, then H'Wood Bowl (seeking bento.....) for Gnarls Barkley + Youssou N'dour on the big day. Crepes breakfast, at home, natch. Pavlova is on the cards, also Hummingbird cake with the works. (I love to cook).

                                                Thinking sushi -- maybe 4 on 6 (can't do a really spendy one, tho... and he hates omakase). I'm figuring up to $100pp at 4 on 6, tho...

                                                Also wanted to do a blowout meal at BLT or even Cut (!), but I may have reached my spending limit after the sushi...

                                                BUT methinks Palate NEEDS to be on my list as well. Wonder how it will compare with the sublime offerings at Hatfields?

                                              2. This place is KILLING me!!!
                                                I love it too much!!!
                                                Darn it!
                                                I went yesterday afternoon, just to get the Porkfoilio and a glass of wine, but wound up staying forever so my friend could meet me from the westside.
                                                Oh golly!
                                                I had the soup that was so different from the last 2 soups I have had there (still, the butter lettuce soup with creamfraiche and bacon is still the best!) this one was a beautiful, clean/clear herby broth with the cutest, tastiest, fresh veggies happily floating around the bowl with little bitty fluffy dumplings the size of puffed-up chicklets.
                                                Then had the VEAL...MuthuhF***-uh!!! Amazing!!!
                                                My friend had the same two things when he arrived and felt as passionately about the two items as I did.
                                                But why do I really love this place?....well, I've has some great food with some not-so-great service.
                                                Palate, on the other hand, has always made it a point to make anyone feel comfortable. (only one other place in this town taht is as welcoming -BASHAN)
                                                During an early weekday, I've really grown fond of the wine merchant area in the back. There is an amazingly patient, considerate, and informative young man behind the bar who has always been more than helpful when I have no clue what I am in the mood to drink. Last night was no exception. I was a little curious about learning a bit more about some of the French wines and he pulled out a book and helped me figure out some things I was always too shy to ask when I've been with my more-wine-savvy friends.
                                                What more can you ask of a place that serves great food, and has exceptional hospitality...Bring Back the CHEESE-Y BREAD!
                                                Love ya guys!

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                                                1. re: tatertotsrock

                                                  I see their hours are 6-10.

                                                  Do you mean you sit at the wine bar?

                                                  if this is true I might see if I can go on Friday....(I assume no reservations are required at this time)

                                                  1. re: ns1

                                                    Yep, I sat at the wine bar...got there a little after 4pm, ordered my Porkfolio at about 5-something...my friend and i didn't have dinner till about 8pm...pretty much camped out...I was catching up on some reading...great new mag called: Edible Los Angeles www.ediblela.com

                                                2. I've been to palate three times now, and while i like the food, the last time i went something very annoying happened. We arrived for an early meal at 5:30 (with reservations.) A 6 year old child was standing on a barstool right at the entrance and screaming. Ouch. The front dining room was empty except for a big table with six people, 2 of them under 10. The hostess decided to sit me and ms. mouther right next to this table.

                                                  Before she could hand me the menu I lied and said that I have a hearing problem and that table wouldn't work (yah - right, I'm a healthy 32 years old and look it, but fuck that)

                                                  So she said of course and sat us at a table that was on the same row, but now we were separated from this loud child-centered table by a bunch of empty ones.

                                                  Fine. We eat our meal. We get apps. We get entrees. We get coffee and dessert. Al the while, the tables inb/t us and the chlidren are empty. I almost wouldn't have minded if these tables filled up - then it would have made some sort of perverted sense to cram the people who eat early in next to the others who got there early. But when we left two hours later and there was only one table, who had just been seated, inb/t us and aformentioned problem table, I smelled something like the combination between snobbery and incompetence. It was unpleasant. I went back a week later after drinking with friends and took a dump on the window. Just kidding. But it'd be a better ending to the story than "I went home, laid the lady, and never thought about it again till I got bored at work a month later and decided to mention it on chowhound"

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                                                  1. re: mr mouther

                                                    I also had a so-so experience at Palate just this evening. I arrived with a friend and no reservation quite early on a Sunday (we were going to see a 7:00 pm movie, so we got there around 5:15, didn't think a reservation would be needed under those circumstances). There were many open tables in the front room. First the hostess said there was no table available until 9:00 pm, then she looked again and said 7:00 pm, then she said we could sit in the wine bar. We asked about the community tables, she was kind of evasive, took us back to the wine bar where there were several open tables that she said were unavailable. I asked again about the community tables and she said they were reserved for a large party, then excused herself, was gone a good 10 minutes, and then came back and said, oh, you can sit at the community table!

                                                    OK, we sat down. A very unfriendly, unsmiling waitress took our order. The only thing available on Sunday night is the price fixe, $35, for which I got a rather mediocre beet salad, one very small shortrib, which while excellent was barely enough to feed a small child, and one third cup chocolate pudding. I ordered a small glass of wine and was poured barely a quarter of a glass - literally, about 5 or 6 swallows and it was gone.

                                                    When we left, one of the two community tables was completely unoccupied and had been the entire time; our table had 3 other people at it. The tables in the bar had not been taken, nor had most of the tables in the front.

                                                    Not a good experience overall.

                                                  2. Went last Sunday afternoon for Crawfish and beer - this was my 2nd time at Palate - just another amazing dining experience - we had this fantastic bottle of Rioja White Wine - the music is great as well - one time I asked to hear Zeppelin and was going to bribe the DJ to play it - it turned out to be the owner/ chef Octavio - what a great guy and he spun The Zep.