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May 25, 2008 10:48 AM

Prosecco - Any reviews?

I am taking a friend to dinner this week and want to try a new italian place with some ambiance. Last italian restaurant we tried was Ricardo Trattoria and we really enjoyed it. Has anyone been to Prosecco? How is it?

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  1. I love Prosecco. I love the old world ambience there. They have an extensive first course/salad list, which I really appreciate. they also had a great wine list and sommelier, Christian--he is fabulous and has recommended some great wines. I always love their burrata with oven roasted tomatoes app, the salad with the lobster, their octopus, and the orrichiette pasta with truffle oil, etc. so many options--enjoy!

    1. I had a weird experience at Prosecco. I went there with my boyfriend for restaurant week. We had a reservation and were seated promptly and given a little prosecco to start. The waiter handed us some regular menus but then we told him we were there for restaurant week. He gave the two of us one restaurant week menu. After 10 minutes of looking at our menu, we decided we were more hungry than a three course meal including salad and dessert could offer, so we decided what we wanted to order off the regular menu, but couldn't get his attention. He seemed attentive enough to tables around us, and even sat a four top next to us and took their orders. At the 30 minute mark after we were seated, we left and went to Avec. We were prepared to spend upwards of 100 dollars there but spent it happily at Avec instead.

      What struck me was that we ran into the maitre'd and the chef/owner at the door before walking out and told them why were were leaving. The maitre'd apologized and the chef said if we sat back down, they would "do better." At this point I was sort of shocked they didn't offer us a free meal. Coming from the restaurant industry, if something like this happens, you do whatever you can to keep a customer from walking out the door; especially if it's because of something you, the restaurant owner, did wrong.

      I can't say anything about the food, but I can't say I'm going back. Weirdest experience ever.

      1. We had dinner at Prosecco about 2 weeks ago and it was great in terms of both food and service. We were walking down Wells to Zocollo and as we walked by Prosecco we stopped, looked at the menu and made a change in plans.

        We met the owners - they even found us a table without reservations - we were early, but withing 30 minutes the place was packed.

        We will go back.