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May 25, 2008 10:37 AM

tell me about homemade seltzer

i drink a ton of seltzer and i hate wasting all the plastic. plus the $...

what are my options for making my own seltzer? i don't mind if the carbonation is less than vintage or canada dry seltzer and i prefer unflavored. i saw some carbonation pump gadgets but i'm not sure where to start in comparing them to one another.


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  1. You may want to check out this NY Times article which explores several options for making your own seltzer:

    Having the Fizz Without the Guilt

    1. One million vaudeville comedians can't be wrong: embrace the seltzer bottle! You can buy it from any store that has specialty liquor gadgets (ISI is the main brand) and the cartridges are cheap and recyclable. One cartridge makes about a liter of seltzer, with fizzy, fine-bubbled carbonation. Great not only for highball drinks, but also for drinking plain or for Italian sodas.

      1. We use Soda Club and are really happy with it, though I confess that we didn't explore a lot of other options. There's a pretty thorough discussion on Soda Club in this thread...


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            We love the Soda Club. Cheap. No wasted plastic. No petrochemicals wasted. Plus you can adjust the carbonation level.