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May 25, 2008 09:47 AM

London: American BBQ place - any good?

There is an American BBQ restaurant in the Bayswater area. I walked past it yesterday (can't remember the name of the street, probably Westbourne Grove).

Anyone familiar with it? Is it any good?

My hunch is "No", but I could well be wrong (I've been wrong in the past!)

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  1. I don't know the place you're thinking of, but I can HIGHLY recommend Bodean's in Fulham or in Soho. The BBQ is awesome! And - if it matters at all - I'm originally from Louisiana and my mother is from Tennessee. This is the real deal! Try the pulled pork sandwich.

    good luck.

    1. The place on westbourne grove is an outpost of Bodeans. I'm no BBQ expert being from NY - but it does the job.


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        Thanks so much, I will surely try it. As someone who used to live in NC, I'm looking fwd to trying some pulled pork again!

      2. I highly recommend Bodeans! They do burnt ends on Mondays and Wednesdays only - however its best to check their website as this varies by location and we have only ever been to the Soho one. It has 2 floors, the basement is more of a restaurant with upstairs having high tables and more of a diner feel, which myself and my husband much prefer. The staff are friendly, the food is great the portions are good! My husband insists on going to Bodeans every year for his birthday and he too is a fan of the pulled pork! We had a pulled pork sandwich in New York last year at the Waterfront Alehouse and Bodeans is every bit as good!

        1. As a Yank in London, I completely agree that Bodean's rocks. They also serve Sam Adams beer! The Big Easy on the King's Road is also good but Bodean's in Fulham Broadway is less crowded.

          1. I go along with all the positive reviews for Bodean in Soho. I stopped in today and had their brisket special... on sourdough bun with chips, two onion rings and pickles. It looked as if fill-ups for soda was on the house. The brisket was delicious with their very authentic BBQ sauce - cut thinly, the way a salt beef sandwich's meat should be but rarely is outside of the U.S. Next time I'll try the pulled pork.

            The staff was extremely friendly despite the till being very slow and a long line developing at about 1.