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May 25, 2008 08:13 AM

Poach Pods

First of all...I don't have any connection to the makers of these great little things...

I just wondered if any of you had also discovered these neat little gizmos for poaching eggs or other uses??

They're bascially little silicone cups that you put the eggs in and float in simmering water...turn out great poached eggs with very little muss or fuss...

I do find them kind of pricey for what they are but they work very well...

If you have tired them...I'm also interested in any other things you have used them for...

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  1. We've got 'em and we love 'em! I have two kids under 5 and the pods make my life SO much easier. I love the fact that I can just pop the egg in the pod, float the pod simmering water (in a covered pot) and turn on the timer for 5-6 minutes. While I wait for the timer to go off, I can do something else. When they're done, I just flip them out, upside-down onto a plate and voila --- perfectly shaped poached eggs every time. Because the eggs are dome-shaped, my kids refer to them as "volcanoes". This is especially vivid when you pierce the top of the "volcano" and egg yolk "lava" comes oozing out.

    This method poaches the eggs using steam so you don't have to worry about the eggs sitting in puddles of water on your plate. Plus, no vinegar is required so all you taste is the creaminess of the eggs with no sourness from vinegar.

    At $13 per pair, they may seem pricey but I think they're worth every penny. We use ours at least twice a week.