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May 25, 2008 07:48 AM

Dinner in Winnipeg?

I did a search of this Board and only came up with Bridge Drive Inn Ice Cream and Ichi Ban Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. Further research indicated the following Winnipeg areas are the best for dining:

*The Forks (downtown)
*Corydon (Little Italy)
*Osborne Village
*The Exchange District
*St. Boniface (French speaking area)

I also found the following restaurants:

*Tre Visi
*Cafe Dario (nuevo latino cuisine)
*La Vielle Gare
*Oui Bistro and Wine Bar
*Tomato Pie Company
*The Current
*Provence Bistro
*529 Wellington
*Sydneys at the Forks

We will only be in Winnipeg for 1 night and would welcome your suggestions for dinner. We prefer smaller venues, are not into a scene or brand new restaurants, want to avoid the touristy areas, love wine and are not meat eaters. Price is not an issue.

Thanks for your help.


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  1. Check out the Western Canada board for more options. All the Winnipeg stuff (what little of it there is) is over there.

    Of the places you've mentioned that I've been to...

    Tre Visi--I used to like it, but the last time I was there it was like they were just sleep walking. Service sucked, and the food was just a little better.

    Amici--haven't been there for a couple of years, but it's good. I've had much better, though.

    Cafe Dario--I wasn't terribly impressed when I went, but they were going through a menu change, so what I had wasn't necessarily indicative of what they can do

    La Vielle Gare--it's been a long time for me, but from what I can remember, I think you should skip it

    Given the choice, I'd go to Mise in Osborne Village (caveat--I still haven't been there, but everyone I know who has been, has loved it, ), or Bistro 7 1/4 ( on South Osborne (maybe a 15-20 minute walk from Osborne Village--their mussels are the best item on the menu, and the best mussels I've had in Winnipeg). Provence Bistro is very good, too, though, but it's farther south (and a little harder to find) than the rest. If they happen to be doing one of their wine dinners while you're in town, I'd definitely try to get a reservation.

    Also to consider--Fusion Grill on Academy Road (near Kenaston).

    From what I hear, give a definite miss to The Current and Sydneys.

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    1. re: prasantrin

      Thanks, prasantrin. I'll definitely check out the Western Canada Board. I just found out we will be staying in The Forks so that's a shame about The Current.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Depending on which night you are there, Bistro 7.25 or Mise may not be open (closed Sunday and Monday).

        Close-ish to the Forks is Mirlycourtois - wonderful French food in a quiet upstairs building on Princess Street. They have vegetarian options and would do whatever they needed to please you. Their french oinion soup is incredible - and probably based on beef bones simmered for three days!

        1. re: MaxieGourmet

          I've heard Mirlycourtois is good, but the one lunch I had there was very poor indeed. I had the most pathetic example of a croque monsieur I have ever had the misfortune to attempt to eat. How hard is it to screw up a croque monsieur? My mother also lunched there with a seniors group, and not a one of them enjoyed the meal.

          One of these days I'll have to try them again, but with so many other sure bets, I rarely feel the desire to take the risk.

          financialdistrictresident--another choice is Bistro Dansk. While not innovative, they are always reliable (and their hazelnut pie always makes me swoon).

    2. One more place I forgot--Dubrovnik's. It will probably be your last chance to dine there, as they're closing at the end of June. I've not dined at the restaurant, but I've eaten Chef's food, and it's quite good.

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      1. re: prasantrin

        Thanks so much for all the suggestions and the heads-up on hours.

        1. re: prasantrin

          Do *not* go to Dubrovnik's. It is so passe and really poor, imho. They're coasting on the reputation of the long ago previous owner or cook. There are much better places.

          We really enjoyed the "fusion grill" ( and they are very good with vegetarian and seafood.

          La Vielle Gare was quiet but very good food.

          I didn't like Tre Visi at all and I hear there's a really good alternative with Southern Italian cuisine but I lost the e-mail that told me the name and where it was.

          The better hotels usually stay on top of the restaurant scene so perhaps you could ask the concierge.

          1. re: Paphos.SK

            I thought the original cook returned to Dubrovnik's, didn't he? I remember in the late '80's or early '90's, they were really coasting (bottled salad dressing!), but then the original chef returned, and I thought things were well again.

            Or is he the one who left recently to open his own place in St. Boniface?

            If you ever find out the name of the Italian place, please do post it. I think Winnipeg pretty much sucks for Italian. Even Amici's, it's sister Bombolini (gnocchi like rocks!), and Tre Visi are more Italian for North Americans than Italian (in my opinion).

            Fusion Grill is quite good. I haven't been there since they expanded, so I hope their increased size hasn't affected the food.

          2. re: prasantrin

            I would NOT recommend Dubrovnik's!! The service is terrible and the food is mediocre. Also, watch your bill when it comes because they have a habit of making mistakes that are costly to you....

          3. What day of the week will you be there? I can actually give you a better recommendation based on that.

            Are you looking for anything in particular? Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, etc?

            If wine is very important, I would suggest Amici (Italian). It's about a liesurely 15 min walk down Broadway. Very respectable wine list and great atmosphere. Many of Winnipeg's A-list frequent the restaurant. I actually prefer Bombolini, Amici's less-fancy sister restaurant in the basement of the same building: same wine list, simplified menu, but more casual. Amici: 204-943-4997

            If the weather's nice, take a walk across the pedestrian bridge (the big pointy one - you can't miss it if you're at the Forks) to Step'n'Out. The proprietor is a lovely, if slightly eccentric, lady who's decorated the interior of the restaurant, floor to ceiling, around feng shui. It's also about a 15 min walk from your hotel. Be sure to call ahead since they're pretty small and are fairly full most nights. 204-956-STEP (7837)

            If you don't mind something a little farther away (20 min drive), the Tavern in the Park in Assiniboine Park consistently provides a great dining experience. Definitely higher end, dressed-up dining. Excellent wine list. Again, call ahead: 204-896-7275

            Mise is always good too. Fairly creative manu using regional ingredients. I don't know about the wine list, though. It may be a bit difficult for you to find from the main osborne strip; just have your cab driver point it out. 204-284-7916

            Finally, I have to mention Gluttons on Corydon. It's a 5-min cab ride from the Forks. It was voted one of Canada's best new restaurants a couple years ago. However, Chef Ono has since been recruited as head chef to a restaurant in Shanghai, so I don't know if quality has suffered. I think it's still under the same owners, so I bet it's still decent. True fusion cuisine, higher end wine list, and an evolving, seasonal prix fixe menu. Reservations a must: 204-475-5714

            Oh! I almost forgot 529 Wellington. Truely high-end dining. Brad Pitt ate there when he was in town ;) If price truly doesn't matter, then indulge here. Disclaimer: they're well known for their mouth watering steaks. Everything is a la carte. Wine menu has 600+ selections. It's also a 20 minute drive from the Forks. 204-487-8325

            I do have a few more suggestions, but you'll have to provide more specifics with your tastes and schedule.

            1. i was at mise not too long ago and it was wonderful. small, quaint, romantic, excellent food, and prices were reasonable. the wine list is good - this is one of the better restaurants in the city in my opinion.

              1. I know that I am late, but for the sake of the blog, my friends and I stumbled upon "Dead Fish" in Osborne Village last Saturday night. Their menu was awesome - Trinidad meets Italy meets India". I had jerk chicken lettuce wraps as an appetizer, and a gourmet fish and chip dinner. My friends had oysters, shrimp, roti, and pizza for dinner. Great wine list. Great atmosphere. Great service.