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May 25, 2008 07:41 AM

Is Il Boschetto still open in the Bronx?


Ran across and old friend from the Bronx and we were chatting about some of the restaurants we used to visit...was wondering if Il Boschetto on Gun Hill Road or Amerigo's on Tremont, near Throgs Neck were still around...

  1. Unfortunately Il Boschetto is no longer open. What a great place that used to be. It's now a spanish/italian food place. I pass it every day and can't come up with the name.

    Not sure about Amerigo's.

    1. No on both places. Amerigo's is long gone. Half that space is a Radio Shack, and the other half is a hobby shop. Il Boschetto has changed hands many times since closing. Presently, it's occupied by Caridad or La Caridad Restaurant.

      Throgs Neck has many *new* eateries. Louis Seafood is still around and doing well.
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