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May 25, 2008 07:05 AM

Sunset Grille - Change in management/chef?

We've always enjoyed Sunset Grill in White Plains. We went last week to find all new waitstaff, new host, and somewhat changed menu. The service was abysmal and the food was just okay - presentation was sloppy. We asked the host/waiter if there was a new owner or chef, and he said no - only a few new people hired. Based on our last meal, we won't be going back. Any word on changes here?


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  1. JLH, Sunset Grille is not under new management but there were changes out front.

    Per the answer to my email, please return and let them know of your experience.

    I will be returning soon, since I am so impressed with the owner and his interest in the reputation of his restaurant and the satisfaction of his customers.

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      Thanks, Dolores - based on your recommendation, we'll give it another try - However, the entire experience was so different from the past - from the greeting we received, to the food, to the service - maybe the owner should be on site on a busy evening to see how things are going.


      1. re: JLH

        I feel pretty strongly about this thread so I can not let it go by without putting my two cents in. I thought this place had great potential. It was humming and the service was great when Emilio was the night manager. I went a number of times and enjoyed it immensely. However I had a 4 month hiatus and when I returned, Emiio was no longer there. The service that night was atrocious. I ordered a drink for myself and guest to accompany some Guacamole. The drink came with some delay but the Guacamole never came. I protested but since the drinks were by now gone I ordered two more. Well, it took forever to get the remaining two drinks but the Guacamole had arrived. Since I had slowed the Guacamole to wait for the drinks, I wasn’t ready for the dinner that arrived so suddenly while the appetizer was hardly touched. At that point I was faced with the Guacamole appetizer hardly worked upon because of the drink delay and the specter of dinner. From the time that the Guacamole was served until the time that we finished dinner was 35 minutes. I felt that I had just finished a drive through at a fast food restaurant. The service was inattentive, no one seemed to be in charge and to go through dinner in 35 minutes on a Friday night was enough for me to not return. I would love to hear good things about this restaurant but that waits to be seen.

        1. re: Sonnyno

          This to me what is wrong with Mexican Restaurants. You order appetizers, drinks and your entree, and almost without fail they bring you the entrees before you've gotten halfway through your apps. It happened to me tonight, and we didn't order the entree with the apps.

          I love Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe, but I've been in and out in 25 minutes easy. It's just the style of the cooking and the fact that everything is ready to go when you walk in the door.