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May 25, 2008 06:57 AM

What's good at Heidelberg Bakery?

Any recs? I have had a piece of their seasonal quiche and it was really good...They seem to have a lot of delicous baked goods an I want to try-

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  1. I am not one for their pastries or cakes. But the logenbrotchen (pretzel rolls) are terrific. They make an ideal hot dog bun. Aside from that they have good savory baked goods and they make good sandwiches. On Saturdays, they grill outdoors in front of the bakery. My favorite is the bauernwurst with excellent saurkraut. You can also buy the wursts in the store.

    1. They do have excellent sandwiches. As for the baked goods and pastries, I'm partial to cookies in general, and they have some really good ones. The chocolate chip and the hamantashen are my favorites. I recall the doughnuts and cupcakes being good too. My friends adored the Black Forest cake I got for one's birthday, though I personally am not as into cakes.

      1. I am rather partial to the Laugenstange with Cheese and Bacon.

        Take it home and warm it up in the oven for 10 or 15 minutes or so @ 250 degrees. Outstanding.

        Also, it is one of the few places I know that carry Löwensenf hot mustard. If you like mustard and have never tried this, you really need to pick up a jar.

        1. They have lovely German-style bread. When we lived in Germany, I started making my own bread because I got thoroughly tired of sauerteig (sourdough) all the time, but now that I'm home, every now and then I have a desire for it.

          1. the sandwiches are great! The cheese twists are wonderful, too. The marble pumpernickel bread is awesome.